Govt Accelerates Sukkur-Karachi Motorway Completion

Govt Accelerates Sukkur-Karachi Motorway Completion

Karachi: Minister for Housing and Works Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada informed the Upper House of Parliament that the government is exploring options to expedite the completion of the Sukkur-Karachi Motorway, as reported on June 10. This critical infrastructure project is viewed as essential for enhancing connectivity in Sindh, a region that is both populous and agriculturally rich.

During his address, Mian Riaz Pirzada underscored the urgent need for improved transportation links to support economic activities and facilitate the movement of goods and people across the province. The completion of the Sukkur-Karachi Motorway is expected to significantly boost local economies, reduce travel time, and improve road safety.

However, the project has faced delays due to economic challenges, notably exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the contractor to halt work. Pirzada acknowledged these setbacks and explained that the government is now focusing on various strategies to overcome these hurdles and accelerate the project’s completion. One of the key strategies includes leveraging the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a major initiative aimed at enhancing infrastructure and economic cooperation between Pakistan and China.

In addition to CPEC, the government is also considering public-private partnerships and engaging with friendly nations such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia. These partnerships are expected to provide the necessary financial and technical support to ensure the swift completion of the motorway. The involvement of international partners underscores the project’s significance and the confidence in its potential to transform the region’s infrastructure landscape.

Pirzada also called on the parliamentary committee to closely monitor the progress of the project. He emphasized the government’s commitment to completing the motorway within six months, highlighting the importance of oversight and accountability in achieving this ambitious timeline. The minister’s remarks reflect the government’s determination to address the infrastructural needs of Sindh and to ensure that such critical projects are not derailed by unforeseen challenges.

The completion of the Sukkur-Karachi Motorway is anticipated to bring numerous benefits, including enhanced trade opportunities, improved access to markets, and the promotion of regional integration. It will also play a vital role in supporting the agricultural sector by providing farmers with better access to urban centers and reducing the cost and time associated with transportation.

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