Lahore Grand Bazaar – An Incredible Opportunity For Wholesalers At Gateway of Lahore


The Lahore Grand Bazaar is the first phase of the upcoming Pak-China International Trade Center, which will be located in a strategic position in Lahore city. Lahore Development Authority has approved the Lahore Grand Bazaar, which will cover an area of 5.5 acres. For local and international investors, wholesalers, and traders, the project is a superb opportunity. This article will all discuss Lahore Grand Bazaar, its importance, location, and features for Lahore wholesalers and traders.

The Economic Importance of Lahore in Pakistan


In terms of strategic enlightenment and development potential, Pakistan has much to offer. Lahore is the 2nd largest city of Pakistan in terms of population. This city is an economic hub not only for Punjab but also for Pakistan. At the end of 2019, Lahore’s GDP was estimated to be $84 billion. In Lahore, a diverse array of industries and sectors such as electronics, information technology, manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and steel are predominant.

Which Issues Will Lahore Grand Bazaar Address of Wholesalers & Customers?


People and traders from all over Punjab and Pakistan come to this historic city for different types of trades and deals. Most people come to big wholesale markets that include Shah Alam Market, Azam Cloth Market, Lahori Gate, Rang Mahal, Urdu Bazar, Badami Bagh, Anarkali Market, Hall Road Market, Kareem Block Market, and others for dealing things at the wholesale level. These markets are located in the highly populated areas of Lahore where traders have to face various issues.

In view of issues like traffic, parking, loading of goods, and entry of freight vehicles into Lahore city, Lahore Grand Bazaar is going to become an international style wholesale market equipped with the latest facilities where you can expand and innovate your business with minimum investment and time.

Lahore Grand Bazaar is addressing the following issues

  • Traffic Issue

Lahore is the 2nd biggest city of Pakistan and also the capital of Punjab province. Although Lahore is loaded with a lot of problems, however, the traffic problem is one of the serious problems of this city. This issue not only affects the residents of the city but also traders and wholesalers who come from other cities. They get stuck in long traffic jams where they have to wait for hours to reach wholesale markets.

As a result of this consideration, Lahore Grand Bazaar is located at the ideal location at the gateway of Lahore. The project is situated on the main G.T Road at Motorway M-2 and just 2.6 KM from Kala Shah Kaku Bypass. Southern Bypass/Ring Road and Golden Interchange make it easily accessible to wholesalers and large distributors.

Lastly, there is a problem that has been causing headaches for wholesalers, customers, and vehicle owners – entry of heavy trucks into Lahore is restricted until 9:00 PM. It takes them hours to wait in the long line and this causes them great suffering. If Wholesalers dealers have shops in Lahore Grand Bazaar, their customers will not have to be stuck in Lahore’s heavy traffic and can buy things easily at the door of Lahore. Furthermore, wholesalers and dealers will be able to deliver their products to any part of the country with ease.

  • Parking & Movement Issues

Another problem wholesalers and customers live with is parking and movement of goods. Identical to what was earlier mentioned, big and widely known wholesale markets are also located in highly populated parts of Lahore, where parking problems are common. Markets near or within these locations do not have proper parking lots.

Other problems arise as a result of this issue, such as vehicle theft, tickets, and damage. It is true, however, that a shop in the Lahore Grand Bazaar will provide your customers with spacious parking. Their vehicles can be parked in these wide and safe spaces, where they can interact with merchants, and go about their business.

  • Loading & Unloading Issues

Loading and unloading issues are also common for customers and wholesalers in Lahore’s big wholesale markets. Once customers have purchased goods, loading their merchandise on different trucks and vehicles becomes an issue for them. As a result, they have to pay extra money to laborers to pick the goods from the shop and bring them to the vehicle.

This same issue is also faced by wholesale dealers when they get delivery of their products. The ground floor of this bazaar is specially dedicated to these dealers who have to deal with loading and unloading goods at a larger level. Therefore, having their presence in Lahore Grand Bazaar will save them from extra expenses as well as other major issues.

Location of Lahore Grand Bazaar


The project is situated in the best and most convenient location outside the city Lahore on the main G.T Road at Motorway M-2 and just 2.6 KM from Kala Shah Kaku Bypass. Southern Bypass/Ring Road makes it easily accessible for both businesses in Lahore and other large distributors.

Notable Features of Lahore Grand Bazar

Lahore Grand Bazaar is a great investment opportunity that will consist of the wholesale market, factory outlets, display centers, and trading offices. The main building of this eco-friendly project has a medium-sized courtyard right in the middle, making it both eco-friendly and airy. When it comes to the features of this great project, the list is long. Here are some outstanding world-class features that will make your mind invest in this historic project.

  • Eco Friendly Envoirment
  • Wholesale Market
  • Factory Outlets
  • Trading Offices
  • Ideal Location
  • Wide Parking Spaces
  • Well Planned And Wide Corridors
  • Lifts And Stairs

Additional Features

  • LDA-Approved Project
  • 100% Owned Land
  • Shops And Display Centers
  • Ideal Location

Why Should You Invest in Lahore Grand Bazaar?

Lahore Grand Bazaar is a landmark project that is the best opportunity for wholesalers at the gateway of Lahore. It is connected to all major commercial centers of the city, yet has all the basic and advanced features of a successful market. China is setting up industries on the Lahore-Islamabad motorway in order to export its products without having to go to the sea. It all requires hundreds of wholesale stores in one place and Lahore Grand Bazaar is one of them. In short, for a person who wants to do business at a wholesale level or wants to expand the previous one and wants access to inter-city and international markets, Lahore Grand Bazaar is the most suitable choice for him. Come and start your wholesale business in a new and better place than before.

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