PHA Proposes Construction of 20 New Parks in South Punjab

PHA Proposes Construction of 20 New Parks in South Punjab

Multan: The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has submitted an ambitious proposal to the government for the construction of 20 new parks in South Punjab. This initiative aims to significantly enhance the availability of green spaces in the region, catering to the recreational and environmental needs of the local population. The announcement, reported on June 12, highlights the PHA’s commitment to improving urban infrastructure and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The proposal was unveiled by PHA Director General Asif Rauf during a detailed briefing to Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) South Punjab, Fuad Hashim Rabbani, at his office on Tuesday. DG Asif Rauf provided an in-depth overview of the financial plans associated with this extensive project. The restoration of Jinnah Park alone is projected to cost PKR 130 million, while Shamsabad Park is slated for an expenditure of PKR 220 million. Additionally, PKR 150 million has been earmarked for the repair and maintenance of Qasim Park. The total cost for these initiatives is estimated to be around PKR 1 billion.

During the briefing, ACS Rabbani emphasized the importance of developing and upgrading parks across South Punjab. He specifically directed the Parks and Horticulture Authorities of Bahawalpur, Multan, and DG Khan to focus on enhancing existing parks and developing new ones. Highlighting the necessity of green spaces for the well-being of the community, ACS Rabbani prioritized the restoration of Jinnah and Shamsabad Parks. The plans for these parks include new facilities, jogging tracks, and extensive tree planting along major roads to improve the overall urban environment.

In addition to these directives, ACS Rabbani stressed the need for a major new park in Multan, envisioning it as a central recreational space for the city’s residents. The emphasis on green spaces aligns with broader environmental goals, aiming to reduce pollution, provide recreational areas, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the region.

Furthermore, South Punjab Agriculture Secretary Saqib Ali Ateel reported that a significant portion of the budget allocated for agricultural development in the fiscal year 2023-24 has been effectively utilized. Over PKR 18 billion out of the allocated PKR 19.992 billion has been spent on 24 agricultural development schemes. This substantial investment underscores the region’s commitment to advancing both urban and rural infrastructure.

The PHA’s proposal reflects a comprehensive strategy to not only develop new parks but also to restore and maintain existing ones. This initiative is expected to play a crucial role in improving the quality of life in South Punjab and fostering a greener, more sustainable environment for its residents. The successful implementation of this proposal will mark a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance urban infrastructure and promote environmental sustainability in the region.

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