Punjab Govt Announces PKR 10 Billion Interest-Free Loans for Livestock Farmers

Punjab Govt Announces PKR 10 Billion Interest-Free Loans for Livestock Farmers

According to the details, the announcement was made during a meeting of the Livestock and Dairy Development Department (L&DDD) Punjab, where plans and development programs for 2024-2025 were reviewed. The meeting, led by Minister Kirmani, included discussions on the introduction of a “CM Livestock Card,” vaccination programs to control foot-and-mouth disease, and the distribution of livestock to impoverished women.

Key points from the meeting include:

  • Over PKR 10 billion will be provided to landowners to enhance meat production and exports. This project will continue for two years.
  • A PKR 7500 million plan will be implemented to vaccinate cows and buffaloes.
  • PKR 2 billion will be allocated to help poor widows and women in South Punjab by providing them with cows and buffaloes, supporting economically disadvantaged families, and promoting livestock farming.
  • Additional programs include developing vaccines, providing better veterinary care, and improving the genetic makeup of sheep and cattle.

Representatives from the Punjab Social Protection Agency and Akhuwat Foundation presented their related programs, and officials were urged to submit project proposals promptly to ensure timely implementation. Senior leaders and representatives from pertinent organizations attended the meeting.

The PKR 10 billion initiative for interest-free loans is aimed at supporting livestock farmers in Punjab, encouraging the development of the livestock sector, and enhancing the economic well-being of those involved in livestock farming. The funds will be used to improve meat production and export capabilities, providing a significant boost to the agricultural economy of the region.

The introduction of the “CM Livestock Card” is another significant step towards modernizing the livestock sector. This card will facilitate farmers in accessing various government services and benefits more efficiently. The vaccination program, with a budget of PKR 7500 million, is expected to play a crucial role in controlling and preventing foot-and-mouth disease among cattle and buffaloes, thereby improving the overall health and productivity of the livestock.

Moreover, allocating PKR 2 billion to support poor widows and women in South Punjab is a commendable initiative. By providing them with cows and buffaloes, the government aims to empower these women, helping them achieve economic independence and improve their quality of life. This initiative not only supports the beneficiaries directly but also promotes the growth of the livestock farming community in the region.

Additionally, the focus on genetic improvement of cattle and sheep, vaccine development, and enhanced veterinary services reflects the government’s commitment to advancing the livestock sector through scientific and technological means. These efforts will result in higher-quality livestock, better disease resistance, and improved productivity.

The collaboration with the Punjab Social Protection Agency and Akhuwat Foundation highlights the government’s strategy to leverage partnerships with various organizations to implement these programs effectively. By urging officials to submit project proposals promptly, the government emphasizes the importance of timely and efficient execution of these initiatives.

Overall, the Punjab government’s announcement of over PKR 10 billion in interest-free loans, along with other supportive measures, marks a significant step towards boosting the livestock sector, enhancing meat production, and supporting the livelihoods of farmers and economically disadvantaged women in the region.

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