Punjab Govt to Introduce Law for Monitoring Commercial Projects

Punjab Govt to Introduce Law for Monitoring Commercial Projects

Lahore: The Punjab government is set to introduce legislation to monitor the master plans of commercial projects through a centralized platform, as reported on June 11. This initiative, announced by Punjab Local Government Minister and Convener of the Special Committee Zeeshan Rafique during a meeting on Monday, seeks to address the unplanned commercial use of agricultural land.

Minister Zeeshan Rafique emphasized the need for a robust and sustainable policy, developed in consultation with all stakeholders, to regulate the commercial use of agricultural land. He highlighted that unplanned commercialization poses significant environmental risks and stressed the importance of regularizing residential projects to prevent unauthorized development. Rafique pointed out that a well-regulated real estate sector is crucial for providing employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly, and for protecting investors’ capital.

This directive underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring that all regions, including underdeveloped areas, benefit from planned development initiatives. The focus on completing sewerage work before the rainy season highlights the importance of infrastructure readiness to prevent potential flooding and other issues.

Punjab Agriculture Minister Syed Ashiq Hussain Kirmani also contributed to the discussion, pointing out that the involvement of multiple government agencies complicates transactions for both buyers and sellers. He stated that the new legislation aims to protect public interests under a single authority, streamlining processes and reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

Kirmani also advocated for the construction of high-rise buildings in small areas to maximize land use efficiency and address the needs of a growing population. He emphasized the importance of early action for food security, noting that efficient land use is crucial for sustaining agricultural productivity and meeting the demands of a growing population.

The new law aims to create a centralized and streamlined approach to managing commercial project master plans, ensuring sustainable development, protecting investors, and addressing environmental concerns. The involvement of key government officials and stakeholders in the discussion underscores the comprehensive and collaborative approach being taken to develop and implement this legislation. The Punjab government’s proactive stance on this issue reflects its commitment to fostering a well-regulated and sustainable commercial real estate sector.

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