Sindh CM Launches Rs 650 Billion Project to Build 2.1 Million Houses

Sindh CM Launches Rs 650 Billion Project to Build 2.1 Million Houses

This significant initiative aims to provide much-needed housing to those who have been severely impacted by recent floods, ensuring their resettlement and rehabilitation. During the inauguration ceremony at Naya Nazimabad, CM Shah underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to addressing the housing crisis faced by flood victims.

He highlighted that a substantial portion of the required financing, Rs 550 billion, has already been secured, reflecting the project’s robust financial foundation. CM Shah expressed optimism about the success of this ambitious endeavor, citing it as a critical step toward alleviating the plight of flood-affected families and contributing to the province’s broader developmental goals.

The Naya Nazimabad project is not just about housing; it represents a holistic approach to urban regeneration. The project is poised to host a variety of value-added initiatives designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents and promote economic growth in the region. Among these are the development of a 60-room hotel and the provision of educational facilities, including scholarships from Habib University, which will support the academic aspirations of young students from the area.

CM Shah also inaugurated several key infrastructure projects during the event, further solidifying the government’s dedication to comprehensive development. These projects include the opening of the Gymkhana, a recreational and social hub that will serve the community, a new flyover aimed at easing traffic congestion and improving connectivity, and the Jamia Masjid, which will cater to the spiritual needs of the residents. Each of these projects is a testament to the government’s holistic vision for an inclusive and prosperous Sindh.

The CM’s announcements and the subsequent inaugurations mark a pivotal moment in Sindh’s development narrative. The integrated approach to urban development and flood rehabilitation reflects a commitment to sustainable progress, aiming to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the province’s inhabitants. The construction of 2.1 million houses stands as a beacon of hope for flood victims, promising a future where they can rebuild their lives in a secure and supportive environment.

As Sindh embarks on this transformative journey, the government’s initiatives underscore a broader strategy to foster resilience and prosperity across the province. The Naya Nazimabad project, with its multifaceted development agenda, is set to play a central role in this endeavor, driving both social and economic upliftment.

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