12 Nov – World Pneumonia Day


Pneumonia is an infection that results in the death of children and adults. This impacts the air sacs of the lungs very badly. This will lead to difficulty in breathing because air sacs get filled with the fluid in them. As a result, this will lead to cough, fever, and chills. The main thinking that arose in people’s minds was that what is the cause of pneumonia basically it is caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. So people decided to hold World Pneumonia Day which is held on 12th November 2021 this year.

This is the biggest challenge for the people to tackle problems while maintaining the environment clean, air quality, and many other factors that impact the health of our community. The young generation is more affected by the pollutants which they use in the home. Consequently, their bodies are exposed to them. Also, outside, industrial pollution makes health worse. Cooking, lighting, and heating were the most common uses of polluting fuels in households. Most deaths occur due to air pollution which impacts very badly. Clean air, no pollutants, and industry waste decrease can result in a healthy life and people get rid of any viral, bacterial infections.

Making this day a historical date is primarily to represent the voice of the community that air pollution and pneumonia should be decreased. Measures should be taken to decrease this so that everyone can live happily and the death rate falls in future years.

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