September 2021

Top 7 Lahore Shopping Malls

Top 7 Lahore Shopping Malls – A Guide for Locals & Travelers

Lahore is a bustling city with a population of more than 10 million people. It's the cultural and economic capital of Pakistan, so there are plenty of shopping malls to explore. The city has many different mall types, from outdoor markets to high-end luxury stores that cater to wealthy shoppers who can afford the steep prices. If you're looking for the best shopping malls in Lahore, this blog post is for...


Today in Nation’s History – 30 – Sep

9th day of Iran / Iraq War   The Iran-Iraq War was a brutal conflict that lasted from 1980 to 1988. It started when Iraq invaded the country of Iran in response to an Iranian revolution, and war broke out. This is one of the most violent wars in history, with over 1 million casualties on both sides. The Iranian air force continued to bomb Iraqi oil refineries in the Persian Gulf as a retaliatory attack....

Mangla Garrison Housing

Mangla Garrison Housing | A State of the Art Housing Opportunity at Mangla Lake – A Holiday Home in Paradise

Having a home in lush green and natural areas is one of the wonderful feelings. There are various benefits of living in these areas and there are only limited housing societies in Pakistan where you will experience both an urban lifestyle and natural living. Mangla Garrison Housing is a project of Mangla View Resort located on the prime location in Jhelum. It is one of its own kind of project blended with...

Today in Nations History – 29 – Sep

World's Heaviest Human Jon Brower Minnochm Born    On this day in history, September 29, 1941, not only American heavyweight but World's heaviest human on Brower Minnochm was born. As a very heavy individual, his weight typically reached 1,400 pounds (635 kg). His body stored excess extracellular fluid due to a medical condition. Approximately 900 pounds (408 kilograms) of fluid were estimated to be...


Today In Nation’s History – 28- Sep

Israel and PLO sign the Oslo II Accords The Interim Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, dubbed the Taba Agreement, took effect on this day in 1995. It divided Gaza and the West Bank into three areas and gave the Palestinians limited control over some of them. Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat signed the Accord by which Palestinian elections were also proposed. Former Afghan President Was...


Today in Nation’s History – 27-Sep

The Taliban Captured Afghanistan's Capital city, Kabul. During the third Afghan civil war from 1996-2001, the Taliban captured Kabul and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was established on 27 September 1996. US and UK troops invaded Afghanistan on 7 October 2001: a period overlapping with the Afghan civil war that began in 1989, and with the war in Afghanistan that began in 1978. NASA...


Today in the History of Islam 24 Sep

This day is important in the history of Islam Because the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Founder of Islam has been migrated from Mecca to Madina on 24 Sep 622 CE. Muhammad (SAW) was born in Mecca around 570, the world's most influential religious and political leader in history. A new era in Islamic history was started on this day. In 622, a larger group of converts from Madina came to Mecca and took an oath to...

3 Marla Houses & Plot

Reasons Behind 3 Marla Properties Popularity, Gains in Demand and Value

Simple answer is; "In 2021, PTI government’s amnesty on real estate development & construction financial-backing encouraged middle class to jump into 3 Marla properties. 3 Marla housing construction and 3 Marla plots buying /selling gains high values in returns and such small housing units are the most popular and favorite for quick returns" Having a home in today's fast-paced life is highly...


Today in Nations’ History- 22-Sep

Famous Poet & Journalist Rais Amrohvi Died The famous Pakistani scholar, Urdu poet, and psychoanalyst Rais Amrohvi, whose real name was Syed Muhammad Mehdi, passed away on this day in 1988. He was the elder brother of the famous poet Jaun Elia. He was well-known for his style of qatanigari (quatrain writing). The Pakistani newspaper Jang published his quatrains for many decades. His goal was to...

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