Today in Nation’s History – 30 – Sep


9th day of Iran / Iraq War


The Iran-Iraq War was a brutal conflict that lasted from 1980 to 1988. It started when Iraq invaded the country of Iran in response to an Iranian revolution, and war broke out. This is one of the most violent wars in history, with over 1 million casualties on both sides. The Iranian air force continued to bomb Iraqi oil refineries in the Persian Gulf as a retaliatory attack. The war between these major oil-producing nations is entering its 9th day on 30 September, and each country claims victory at the end of each battle.


30 September 1938 Germany Peace In Our Time


Within two weeks of the signing of the Munich agreement and the announcement of “Peace in Our Time” by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Hitler is pushing the rules of the agreement on the German occupation of Czechoslovakia and appropriating additional areas under Nazi control. A second world war is inevitable since he had no intention of slowing down his occupation of other countries.


Indonesia Earthquake Sumatra


Over 1,000 people are killed in Sumatra, Indonesia, in an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude. An earthquake in Christchurch collapsed schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, and brought down power lines, telephone lines, and caused landslides. A lack of communication hampered rescue efforts with the loss of infrastructure, including the telephone. According to estimates, the earthquake has affected over 250,000 families (1.2 million people) by causing a total loss of homes or partial losses of livelihood.

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