Covid-19 Tips for Real Estate

Insightful Reasons Why Should You Invest in Real Estate

5 Insightful Reasons Why Should You Invest in Real Estate 2022

Investments can allow you to grow your wealth and generate additional income streams. The only way to grow your wealth and earn passive income is through investment. Although there are numerous ways to invest your precious money; however, investment in real estate is one of the most popular ways if you do it right. With real estate, you can enjoy excellent returns and fantastic tax benefits while...

prices of floor tiles their types and features

Price of Floor Tiles According to Their Types and Features

Floor tiles come in diversified varieties. They are used for flooring for quite a long time now as they are easy to install and cost effective. Other benefits of floor tiles include the easy cleaning, low maintenance and durability. People choose floor tiles over other options of flooring such as hardwood flooring, stone slabs flooring and simple cement flooring. Flooring tiles prices fluctuate in Pakistan...

Things to Consider Before Choosing Ideal House Plan Design

Before thinking or planning about the design of your house, there are several essential things that you should keep in mind. As in Pakistan, most of the population belongs to the middle class and depends entirely on jobs as their source of income, so if they want to build a house for their family, they mostly go for the 5 Marla House Plan. First of all, you should know about land calculation or at least...

Citi Housing Society Faisalabad Property Buy Rent

Citi Housing Society Faisalabad Phase I & II

Introduction to Citi Housing Society Faisalabad After the successful completion of many projects by developers of Citi Housing Society in some major cities of Pakistan like Gujranwala, Jhelum and Sialkot, now they move toward Faisalabad and Multan. The organization is led by Mr. Ameer Malik Son-in-Law of Malik Riaz, who is a land specialist after deleiveing one of the mega project i.e. Bahria Town in many...

How to Get Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan - Property Buy Rent

How to Get Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan?

Coronavirus is the burning question that every one of us wants to solve. Get the latest updates about Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan. As we all know the last year is one of the hardest years for us as human beings and our generation has not faced such a pandemic ever before. Corona Virus is something new for us and unfortunately, extremely scary and deadly. Almost 103 Million people got infected by...

How to stay safe from covid-19 while searching for a property?

In the world today, if you are looking for a new property, whether for private or commercial purposes, a little inconvenience unfortunately will be caused. Therefore, during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the sops for covid 19 for real estate should be greatly adhered to. The Covid 19 Pakistan, after challenging the nation with its first wave, is currently in its second wave. Nevertheless, Pakistanis...

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