Things to Consider Before Choosing Ideal House Plan Design

Before thinking or planning about the design of your house, there are several essential things that you should keep in mind. As in Pakistan, most of the population belongs to the middle class and depends entirely on jobs as their source of income, so if they want to build a house for their family, they mostly go for the 5 Marla House Plan. First of all, you should know about land calculation or at least the land you are buying and its dimensions. In Pakistan, most residential and commercial use areas are sold using Marla as their measurement unit.

An ideal house plan design provides all the available comforts to its residents and is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. So one should choose such a design for his house that provides maximum utility. Also while thinking about a perfect house plan you should think about the future because a house is something that has lifelong value and use. Especially in urban areas, there are narrow spaces to build properties, but architectures and designers will have a solution for every remedy.

The selection of a unique house design is considered the most exciting part of building a new house. It’s important to think about the use of that house in the future as it will give you such a house plan at the start that you can increase your house at any time in the future depending on the increase in your family.

Factors to Consider for an Ideal House Plan

We have made a list of some of the most critical points that you should consider if you are looking for a house or land to build a house. These points are enlisted below with a short brief.

Lifestyle Approach



Before confirming the design for your house plan, one should take into consideration his lifestyle. For example, the designing process works best if you design your house by taking account of your family members and the floor plan depends entirely on it if you want to build a dream house. Mainly a Single Story House Plan works best if you have a small family, but if you’re going to share your home, i.e., if two brothers are moving in together in the same house, then a double-story house plan is considered ideal.

Detailed Information

First of all, gather all the necessary information at several stages during the house design process. Family suggestions should always be preferred as they all will share that house in the future with you. Details regarding plot size, square footage, number of rooms, lounge, kitchen, and bathrooms, if considered earlier, then it would be a lot helpful. If you wish to go for a 5 Marla House Plan, you must have the required information before starting the construction. All this information will help you build an ideal house that satisfies your needs and offers comfort to you and your family.

House Design According to Locality

design according to locality

The locality greatly influences the designing process of houses as it is considered the critical component for investing in a plot. If the house is going to be built near a scenic view like mountains or greenery, the owner tries his best to use the maximum of that view and design a house plan according to the location. By keeping in view the site, the house design should be so that it gives airy and well-ventilated spacious areas throughout the house. The house’s location should be in such a manner that it provides easy access to markets, educational institutions, masjid, hospitals, and other necessities of life.

Floor Planning by Belongings

Floor Planning

As the number of family members influences the house design similarly, all of your belongings like furniture, decorative and cars, etc., also should be kept in mind before designing the house plan. If such points are given while creating a house plan, it will provide you with an ideal house plan with lifelong pleasure. You must make sure that you have enough bedrooms according to the needs of your family.

Extra Spaces for Special Occasions

special ocassion


Some places like the garage, lounge, and TV rooms should be designed in such a way in the house plan that would give you extra space on special occasions like birthdays, marriage activities and family gatherings, etc. Besides all these, you should have additional storage space to keep the unwanted or unusable stuff.

Plan Design according to your Budget

plan according to budget

Must consider your budget before starting the construction of your house. If you have a budget that will only get you to the first floor, but you want to build two floors then plan the first floor in such a way that when in future you have the required budget then you can start the construction where you have left it. And if you have a high budget and have extra space, you can go for some extra luxuries of patio or lawn as well. To purchase houses within your budget visit this.


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