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Construction Cost of a 5 Marla House | Grey Structure Construction Cost

Posted by admin on July 7, 2021

In a country like Pakistan where majority of our population belongs to middle class or depend on jobs for their bread and butter, so constructing a house is one time opportunity for most of us. So if you own a piece of land and want to construct a house on it, then here we will explain how you can plan and construct your dream home in the vicinity of that available land. We will explain in this blog construction cost for the grey structure of a 5 marla house so that you can get idea about the construction of your own house from that.

Construction Cost of Grey Structure of a 5 Marla House

Before starting the construction of a 5 marla house you must need to consider several things according to your budget and land available. A proper planning from selection of a professional team of workers to the reliable building materials is essential for construction of a house that gives a lifetime durability. Now we will explain the step by step construction cost for grey structure of a 5 marla house.

Area Under Construction

Mostly it is considered ideal to use a 5 marla land for the construction of a double storey building. The area covered by first and second floor will be 875 per sq. ft. with a total area covered by the complete 5 marla double storey building is 1925 sq. ft. taking into account the modern home decoration techniques all the flooring is done with tiles and stairs including shelves of kitchen will be covered by marble.

Grey Structure

For laying the grey structure of a house the basic and major construction items required are bricks, cement, labour, sand, bajri, grills, gates electrical and plumbing material and grills etc. Following is a table that will brief you about the costs and prices of these items in 2021, from that you will get the idea of construction cost of a 5 marla house.

Item Quantity Rate (PKR) Cost (PKR)
Bricks, Sand, Crush & Rori 8,35,500
Bricks Awal 50,000 12.25 6,12,500
Sand Ravi 3,150 20/c. ft. 63,000
Sand Chenab (for Plaster) 700 35/c. ft. 24,500
Crush Margalla (Lintel/Lenter) 900 80/c. ft. 72,000
Crush Sargodha (Floor) 600 65/c. ft. 39,000
Rori 25,000
Cement, Kassu & Rebar 802,625
Cement (Maple/DG/Bestway) 525 645/bag 338,625
Rebar 60 Grade 3 ton/3,000 kg 138/kg 414,000
Kassu 50,000
Labour 770,250
Labour 1,975 390/sq.ft. 770,250
Plumbing and Electric Conduit 165,000
Plumbing (TP/Popular) 115,000
Electric(TP/Popular) 50,000
Grills, Gate & Chougat 196,000
Chougat 60,000
Grills 200/sq.ft 66,000
Gate 900/sq.ft 70,000
Others 96,500
Termite Spray (FMC Biflex) 19,500
Water Proofing Roof 65,000
Tank (TP) 12,000
Total Cost 28,66,075

Now we will tell you about the use, cost and recommendations of the items listed above one by one so that you will have a thorough idea about construction cost.

Bricks, Sand, Crush & RoriBricks, Sand, Crush & Rori

An approximate of 50,000 bricks are used in the construction of a 5 marla house. Awwal category bricks should be chosen at priority level which are recommended by most of the professionals and are available at a price of 12.25 PKR making the total cost on bricks equal to 6,12,500.

Sand an important building material is extracted from river beds or coastal beaches. Grey colored sand is extracted from river beds. In Punjab, most of the sand used in concrete mixtures is extracted from Ravi and Chenab. The price of per cubic feet of sand from river Ravi is 20 PKR making a total cost on sand equal to 63,000.

Usually in plasters sand of river Chenab is used as it is considered better in quality than Ravi river sand. That’s why its price is slightly higher i.e. 35 PKR/cubic feet and the total cost for this sand will be 24,500.

Margalla lentil/lenter is required around 900 cubic feet and is considered the base structure for the construction of roof of the house. Its rate in 2021 is 80PKR/cubic feet and costs around 72,000. And for the base structure of floors of the house Sargodha gravel is used. For the construction of a 5 marla house around 600 cubic feet of Sargodha gravel is required for its use in floors. And as its rate is 65 PKR/cubic feet so it will cost 39,000, and Rori will cost around 25,000.

Cement, Kassu & Rebar

Cement, Kassu & Rebar

You will need around 525 bags of cement, as cement is the most important building material among other items of the list so there should be no compromise on its quality. Around 3,38,625 PKR cost will be of cement among the construction cost of 5 marla house at the rate of 645 PKR/bag.

Kassu is a mixture of sand and mitti (soil) and in Pakistan it is generally used for filling the empty plots and around 50,000 PKR will be spent on kassu. Sarya or Rebar costs 4,14,000 PKR at the rate of 138 PKR/kg and a total of 3 tons of sarya is required for the construction of a 5 marla house.



When it comes to cost of labour then there are several different options. If you are going to construct your house all by yourself then you need to find hardworking and honest labours first and your first choice should be those labours that you already know off. But if you hire contractors for construction of your house then they will work in such a manner that they bring their own labour force and as they have a deadline to meet so they get maximum output out of their labours and such a deal will suit both the contractor and the hiring party as if you hire your own labour then they try to prolong the work in order to make more money.

In 2021 the cost of labour in various major cities of Pakistan is 7,70,250, this price may vary from city to city and should be considered as general cost of labour and cost of labour for tiles installation, woodworking and plumbing is not included in this cost.

Plumbing PVC and Electrical Conduit

Plumbing PVC and Electrical Conduit

The accessibility of basic necessities of life such as water, gas & electricity comes at top priority while planning for construction of a 5 marla house. The sewerage, water supply, gas and drainage costs comprise a total of 1,15,000 PKR of the total construction cost to build a house. And wiring is also an important component and one should hire a professional electrician in order to have a reliable flow of electricity and 50,000 PKR will be the total cost for a reliable wiring system.

Grills, Gate & Chougat

Grills, Gate & Chougat

The total budget in the construction cost of a 5 marla house must include a good share for grills, gates and windows as they are mostly considered as one time investment. A total of 66,000 PKR for 16 guage grilss, 70,000 PKR for 16-18 guage gate made of steel and a total of 60,000 PKR for 16 guage chougats (used in door frames) should be estimated in the total construction cost.

Miscellaneous Costs

It is highly recommended that the tasks like termite infestation should be done before construction as it is highly helpful in future claims. A total of 19,500 PKR is required for complete termite infestation.

Before constructing the water tank it must be considered that the concrete walls of cement are used for tank and around 12,000 PKR will be the cost for its construction. And as the waterproofing of roof is also essential so a budget of 65,000 PKR is required for this purpose.

By adding all of the above costs including miscellaneous costs the total cost for the construction of grey structure of a 5 marla house will become 28,66,075 PKR, After the grey structure is complete we will move on to the finishing part. In our next blog we will briefly discuss about the finishing cost for a 5 marla house.

2 thoughts on “Construction Cost of a 5 Marla House | Grey Structure Construction Cost

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  • Saleha Farooq
    on October 18, 2021

    thank you for sharing this post. really this is very helpful

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