How to Get Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan?

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Coronavirus is the burning question that every one of us wants to solve. Get the latest updates about Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan. As we all know the last year is one of the hardest years for us as human beings and our generation has not faced such a pandemic ever before. Corona Virus is something new for us and unfortunately, extremely scary and deadly. Almost 103 Million people got infected by Corona Virus and more than 57 million got recovered, but unfortunately, more than 2 million people around the world lost their lives to this dangerous virus. Each and every country tried their own ways to end this pandemic like closing all the restaurants, cinemas, cafes, etc. Prime Minister of Pakistan also tried its own way of lockdown which he named “Smart Lockdown”.

The smart lockdown is basically the lockdown of specific places where coronavirus is spreading rapidly and also closes the restaurants dine-in, where the chances of spreading COVID-19 is 100 % because of the ventilation system. And this strategy paid off in the start and Pakistan was able to minimize the cases of Corona Virus, then, after few months of controlled cases, this virus started to spread again swiftly. Then again, the Government of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan imposed a “Mini-Smart Lockdown” in specific areas, where the chances of the virus outspread were very high.

After facing the pandemic around the world, the top minds in the field of science started working on the vaccine for this virus. Some of them remained in the trial for a long period of time and so many people around the world voluntarily took part in the trial, for the betterment of human beings around the world. After months of trial, some of the vaccines get a green flag because of their efficacy and mild side effects e.g. Moderna, Pfizer, Russian Sputnik, and China’s AstraZeneca, etc.

Property Buy Rent is extremely optimistic to see every single citizen of Pakistan get vaccinated as soon as possible against this deadly virus. And Property Buy-Rent is hopeful to see that all the people develop immunity in Pakistan with the Coronavirus vaccine without any major side effects.

Different Vaccines in Pakistan:

The World Health Organization initiated a program called COVAX and the purpose of this program is to provide Coronavirus Vaccine to all the people of low and middle-income nations.AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been created by China in collaboration with Oxford University researchers & it is also used as a large-scale vaccination program in the U.K.

China’s Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine is in talks for use in severe cases in Pakistan. China gave the green flag for the use of its SinopharmCovid-19 vaccine starting January, & it is nowadays in use in various nations around the world, comprising Bahrain & UAE. There are other potential vaccines that can be used in the future in Pakistan like Russia’s sputnik V Covid-19 Vaccine, Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, and Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine.

Pakistan will start the use of the covid19 vaccine in the 2nd quarter of 2021. The 1st shipment of Coronavirus vaccine from China has reached Pakistan through Pakistan International Airlines on 30th January .

One of the newest vaccines which is getting all the attention is Johnsons & Johnsons coronavirus vaccine. It claims that it is 66% effective in preventing moderate to severe cases, which is extraordinary and miraculous in these hard times.

How to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan?

This is the process through which you can get Coronavirus vaccine in Pakistan:

  1. Citizens of Pakistan have to send his or her National Identity Card number to 1166 via message or the NIMS website
  2. The vaccination Centre should be designated and informed to the citizen of Pakistan, Vaccination Centre based on National Identity Card address the citizen will be informed and directed to the designated vaccination Centre on a specific date through SMS. The government of Pakistan will provide you with a distinctive pin code. If the designated Vaccination Centre is far away from your house address, you can shift it via the NIMS website or by contacting 1166 helpline within 5 days of getting the 1st message.
  3. The citizen should visit on specific date and time with National Identity Card and unique pin code received via SMS.
  4. Verification Centre will verify your CNIC and appointed pin code of the citizen.
  5. After the staff gets your verification, you will get the Coronavirus vaccine.
  6. The staff will submit all of your details in NIMS & then an acknowledged message will be sent to you via SMS.
  7. After getting the coronavirus vaccine, citizen will stay there for at least 30 minutes to observe the post-coronavirus vaccine side effects.
  8. Citizen details will be uploaded in Government database.

The Pakistani government is hopeful to achieve the herd immunity by providing the coronavirus vaccine to the 70% of the adult population. Coronavirus Vaccine distribution will be started soon for the front-line workers. People will get Coronavirus vaccine to update Pakistan through news channels and via online platforms.


In these hard and horrible times everyone around the world is extremely worried and some people, unfortunately, got into depression. But after the optimistic news of Covid19 vaccine development around the world, there is some hope in everyone’s mind. The main problem regarding the Covid-19 vaccine around the world and in Pakistan is that every person is hesitant about getting the vaccine. The main reason is that people are worried about side effects and there is some Coronavirus vaccine news going in the world about the allergic reaction after the covid19 vaccine. So, we all should be hopeful about this and make our minds about getting the coronavirus vaccine, because this is the only thing we as human beings can do to end this pandemic.
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