Price of Floor Tiles According to Their Types and Features

prices of floor tiles their types and features

Floor tiles come in diversified varieties. They are used for flooring for quite a long time now as they are easy to install and cost effective. Other benefits of floor tiles include the easy cleaning, low maintenance and durability. People choose floor tiles over other options of flooring such as hardwood flooring, stone slabs flooring and simple cement flooring. Flooring tiles prices fluctuate in Pakistan depending upon the brand, variety, design, category and size of tiles. There are also some other features that also play a part in flooring tiles price. In this article we are going to explain different features of floor tiles and their types.

Types of Floor Tiles and their Features

There are several different types of tiles in the world but the most famous are Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Granite Tiles, Vitrified Tiles and Cement Tiles. And out of these types the most commonly used tiles in Pakistan are Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles and Granite Tiles. Now we are going to brief about the features of those tile types that are most common in Pakistan.

Features of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

The most commonly used tiles in Pakistan are Ceramic Tiles. These tiles are made by the combination of different materials with natural clay. After combining and mixing this material with clay the desired shape is crafted and then a high temperature is applied that will harden the tile. In the past kilns were used to provide this high temperature but with the advances in technology, now automatic ovens are used. In these ovens one can control not only the required temperature but can also schedule the heating process. Glazed, semi-matte and matte are among the numerous finishes in which ceramic tiles are available and are most commonly used. After hardening the tiles are given different designs and colors to give a decorative look. These tiles must be handled with utmost care as they are fragile and one must hire a professional contractor that handles these tiles carefully and install them perfectly. Ceramic tiles are due to their durability considered the most cost effective tiles and are readily available.

Features of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are generally similar to ceramic tiles and sometimes considered as ceramic tiles. But these are made with finer clay than ceramic tiles and some extra materials are used. They are heated at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles, because of which they are less porous and less fragile than ceramic tiles. These tiles are considered ideal for places with more traffic as their resistance against stain, scratching and chipping is much greater than ceramic tiles. Since the use of designing the tiles digitally is becoming common in the market, numerous design options can be achieved on any type of tile flooring. As the porcelain tiles are more resistant to cracking and less prone to water absorption so they come first in the choice of tiles than ceramic tiles.

Features of Granite Tiles

features of Granite Tiles

Unlike ceramic and porcelain tiles, in the making of granite tiles which are also called stone tiles sandstone, slate and granite materials are used. This means that granite tiles are made with natural stone materials. As granite tiles are to be made from natural stone so a lot of effort is required in cutting desirable pieces. They are cut by either machine cut or laser cut, which gives them a proper rectangular or square shape. As granite tiles are more resistant to water than any other tiles so they are considered the most durable of all types of tiles. They are only damaged by acid cleaners or those soap cleaners that use strong materials in their making. This is because granite tiles have a tendency to corrosion.

Prices of different types of tiles

As most of the tile flooring industry of Pakistan sells imported products, the price of tile flooring in Pakistan greatly differs from brand to brand and type to type.

The cheapest ceramic tiles that are available in Pakistani market are imported from China, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and Spain. They are sold at a price of 800-1,000 rupees per meter. Then there comes medium quality tiles that are imported from Indonesia and Malaysia and are sold at a price of 2,300-2,800 rupees per meter. Spain is famous for making the best quality tiles in the world, and the tiles imported from there are sold at a price that starts from 2,800 rupees per meter and differs with designs and shape.

When you need to buy porcelain tiles, then their price is dependent on whether they are half body or full body. Half-body porcelain tiles means that design or colors are carved after heating and hardening of the tiles. While full body porcelain tiles are carved and colored before putting the tiles in a kiln. In Pakistan the price of half body porcelain tiles start from 1,200 rupees per meter and the price of full body tiles start from 2,000 rupees per meter. These prices are just the starting prices to give you an idea about the prices of porcelain tiles as these prices may differ with brand and imported tiles which are more expensive. Now we talk about the price of granite tiles as they are highly durable and long lasting with the least water absorption. The average price of granite tiles in Pakistan comes between 1,000 to 1,200 rupees per meter.

We have briefed about the important features that you need to know before making the right choice for tile flooring. Also this article gives you a fine idea about the prices of different tile flooring and helps you in the management of the budget that you have for your home renovation.

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