8 House Maintenance Tips Every Person Should Know


As a homeowner, there are several things you need to take care of every month, as well as some tasks that should be done annually or every few years. This article will give you an idea of what these tasks are and how to accomplish them properly!

Here are your monthly house maintenance tips!

Note 1: The list below is not in any particular order; they’re all important tasks that should be done throughout the month on their day. 

Note 2: If you have more than one home, then obviously you’ll have more than one monthly house maintenance checklist!

1) Do minor repairs yourself

Chances are you won’t need to call in a home contractor every time something breaks or needs repair. Simple projects like fixing a leaky faucet, changing a broken light bulb, or even repainting your living room don’t take a professional—they only take you!

If you’re new to home repair, check out some DIY tutorials for helpful tips and advice. A little knowledge goes a long way. And when all else fails, hire a handyman; if it’s simple enough that you can do it yourself, there’s no reason not to save yourself some cash by letting someone else do it for you.

2) Maintain your garden tools

Garden tools can become so rusted over time that they’re nearly impossible to use. To prevent your tools from deteriorating, lightly coat them with a layer of oil before putting them away for winter. The next time you need to use them, they should be ready and working like new!

Just make sure to wipe off any excess oil after using them. Also, keep in mind that many stores sell special sprays specifically designed for keeping garden tools rust-free; ask around if you want something more reliable than just simple oil.

Even if you don’t have a garden, it’s still important to keep up on your tool maintenance—you never know when something might come in handy around your home or office.

3) Have good light bulbs

While CFLs are good, they don’t have as long a life span and can sometimes burn out quicker. Having better bulbs in your lamps, ceiling lights, and other fixtures will also make it easier to see in your home.

If you don’t already use LED light bulbs, consider investing in some for all of your lighting needs. While they are more expensive upfront than other bulbs, LEDs last a long time and save you money on energy costs. And if you buy them in bulk, you can get them at an even lower price.

4) Keep the bathroom spick and span!

Everybody’s heard it: You use your bathroom dozens of times a day, but have you ever stopped to think about what kind of condition it’s in? Bacteria can breed on grime and soap scum, so keeping clean is important to both your health and home value.

To keep things fresh and safe, wipe down faucets, toilets, tubs and other fixtures at least once a week. You can even store premoistened wipes by your toilet for easy access. If you notice any areas that need extra attention, focus on those first.

Once you get into a routine, cleaning will take less than 10 minutes—and if your bathrooms are particularly dirty or smelly, spend an hour or two sprucing them up with stronger cleaners like bleach or vinegar (be sure to follow safety instructions). Finally, remember that just because something looks clean doesn’t mean it is; inspect light switches and doorknobs regularly for germs.

5) Use vinegar in the kitchen and bathtub

The acetic acid in the vinegar does more than just clean; it’s also an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and deodorizing agent. Mix one part vinegar with four parts water to use on non-porous surfaces.

Use undiluted white vinegar mixed with warm water to polish chrome faucets and sinks, or combine equal parts vinegar and warm water to make a mold-and-mildew fighter for ceramic tile floors.

Add some vinegar to your laundry wash cycle as well—it brightens whites and cuts through grease stains. For more ideas, check out our guide to using household products around your home.

6) Hire a professional once in a while

No matter how much of a DIYer you are, there are times when you’re better off calling in a professional.

It might be when fixing something yourself will cost more than hiring someone else to do it for you, or when it’s outside your skillset—for example, if you don’t know anything about electrical work and trying to fix that short in your breaker box could end up burning down your home.

It’s also smart to hire a pro once in a while just so you can learn what they do; every time I call an electrician, I learn something new about wiring. It doesn’t hurt to have some extra knowledge under your belt!

7) Vacuum daily

Vacuuming daily is one of those chores that we’d all like to avoid. But letting a day or two slip by with no vacuuming will likely mean you’ll be spending extra time cleaning out your vacuum at some point.

It’s best to hit up hard-to-reach spots at least once a day so you don’t end up spreading dirt and debris around or find yourself with rugs that need a good beating to remove soil from deep in their fibres.

If you have pets, you should also consider investing in a pet hair attachment for your vacuum—it can make short work of pet hair on furniture and carpets. If it’s been a while since you cleaned out your vacuum, check out our guide to doing just that.

8) Be on top of your monthly bills

There are many monthly bills to pay, so you must know what they are and have them all set up on autopay. Not only does paying your bills on time improve your credit score but can save you from late fees, and it can also help you better manage your budget.

Knowing that something is going to be paid each month allows you to plan around those costs. For example, if you know a bill will be due in a certain amount of days, make sure you either have enough money in your account or schedule an automatic transfer from another account beforehand. It’s easier than it sounds!


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