Plot Size Conversion: How to Convert Marla into Square Feet, Square Yard & Square Metre

Convert Marla into Square Feet

How do you convert Marla into Square Feet, Square Yard & Square Metre in Pakistan? Converting Marla to Square Foot, Square Yard & Square Metre can be tricky because it depends on how big Marla actually is.

It’s quite difficult if you don’t know how big Marla really is because then you can’t really do the conversion. And if that happens, no one will be able to figure out how many square feet or square yards of land Marla is equivalent to.

If you’re looking for Convert Marla into Square Feet, square yards, and square meters, look no further. We have come up with a detailed guide about Marla conversion into square feet, square yards, and square meters. Keep reading until last to get the most useful information about Marlas conversion.

What is Marla?

In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Marlas is widely used as an area measurement unit. According to British standards, a Marla has an area of 272.25 square feet, which is 160th of an acre.

As a result, one Marla is approximately 25,2929 square meters or 30.25 square yards. In the Indo-Pak subcontinent, a yard represents 3 feet and is mostly used for land measurements. A Kanal is approximately 5445 square feet, which is divided into 20 Marlas.

Marla Other Units
1 Marla 272.25 sq. ft.
1 Marla 30.2501 Square Yards
1 Marla 25.2929 Square Meters
1 Marla 0.00625 Acres
1 Marla 0.002529285264 Hectares
1 Marla 25.29285264  Square Meters
1 Marla 0.00002529285264 Square Kilometers

Why Is Marla’s Conversion Important?

If you’re planning on buying or selling a property in Pakistan, it’s important to know how to convert Marla into square feet. This is because the size of a plot is usually measured in Marla, which can be confusing for those who are used to measuring land in square footage.

By understanding the conversion process, you’ll be able to accurately compare properties and make informed decisions about which one is right for you. The following table outlines the various units of measurement that are equivalent to 1 square foot (sq ft), 1 square yard (sq yd), and 1 square meter (sq m).

Table 1: Considering 1 Marla = 272.25 sq. ft.

Marla Square Feet Square Yards (Gaz) Square Meters
1 272.25 30.25 25.29
2 544.5 60.5 50.59
3 816.75 90.75 75.88
4 1089 121 101.17
5 1361.25 151.25 126.47
6 1633.5 181.5 151.76
7 1905.75 211.75 177.05
8 2178 242 202.34
9 2450.25 272.25 227.64
10 2722.5 302.5 252.93
11 2994.75 332.75 278.22
12 3267 363 303.52
13 3539.25 393.25 328.81
14 3811.5 423.5 354.10
15 4083.75 453.75 379.40
16 4356 484 404.69
17 4628.25 514.25 429.98
18 4900.5 544.5 455.27
19 5172.75 574.75 480.57
20 (1 Kanal) 5445 605 505.86

Table 2: Considering 1 Marla = 250 Sq. Ft

Marla Square Feet Square Yards (Gaz) Square Meters
1 250 27.7 23.23
5 1250 138.5 116.13
10 2500 277 232.26
15 3750 415.5 348.39
20 = 1 Kanal 5000 554 464.52

Table 3: Considering 1 Marla = 225 Sq. Ft

Marla Square Feet Square Yards (Gaz) Square Meters
1 225 25 20.90
5 1125 125 104.52
10 2250 250 209.03
15 3375 375 313.55
20 (1 Kanal) 4500 500 418.06

What is Square foot conversion?

Here is the detail of the square foot conversion.

Marla to Square Foot Conversion

In order to convert your plot size from Marla to square feet, you need to know the how to Convert Marla into Square Feet.

1 Marla = 272.25 Square Feet

Marla Square Feet (Sq ft)
1 Marla to Square Feet 272.25
2 Marla to Square Feet 544.50
3 Marla to Square Feet 816.75
4 Marla to Square Feet 1089.00
5 Marla to Square Feet 1361.25

This means that if your plot is 5 Marlas, it is actually 1361.25 square feet.

Square Feet to Square Yards Conversion

To convert square footage into yards, you need to divide it by 9.

1 Square Foot = 0.111111 Square Yards

In order to convert square feet to square yards, all you have to do is follow these instructions. As an example, if you have a 900 square feet area that you want to convert into square yards, you will have to dive it by 9.

What is Square yard conversion?

Here is the detail of the square yard conversion.

Marla to Square Yard Conversion

Converting a plot size from marla to square yards is simple. It only requires the multiplication of the Marla value into 30.25. The reason is that

1 Marla = 30.2501 Square Yards

Marla Square Yards (Gaz)
1 30.25
2 60.5
3 90.75
4 121
5 151.25

For example, if you want to convert 5 Marla into square yards, you will have to multiply it by 30.2501. And it will be 151.25.

What is square meter conversion?

A square meter (symbol m2) is the SI-derived unit of area, with space taken as its two-dimensional projection. It is the area enclosed by a square with sides measuring one meter.

1 Marla = 25.2929 Square Meter

Marla Square Meters
1 25.29
2 50.59
3 75.88
4 101.17
5 126.47

For example, if you want to convert 5 Marla into square meters, you will have to multiply it by 25.2929. And it will be 126.47.

What Are Other Local Units For Land Measurement in Pakistan?

Units Conversion
One Karam 5 Feet
One Square Karam Also Called Sarsai 25 Sq. Ft.
One Marla 9 Sarsai
One Kanal 20 Marlas
One Bigha 4 Kanals
One Killa 8 Kanals
One Murabba 25 Acres
One Hectare 2.5 Acres


We have brought you the plot size calculator in Marla to help you clear the confusion on plot size conversions. We have told you the method of converting Marla into square meters, square yards, and square feet. Land can be a very baffling matter to find, buy, or sell, so these simple conversion methods can help.

FAQs and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about land conversion in Pakistan.

  1. What is a Marla? 

A Marla is a unit of area used in Pakistan and South Asia, which is equal to 1/40th of an acre or 272.25 square feet.

  1. What is a square foot? 

A square foot is an imperial measure of area, where one square foot equals 0.093 m2 (or 929 cm2). There are 272.25 square feet in a single Marla.

  1. How do I convert a Marla into square feet? 

To convert a Marla into square feet, simply multiply the number of marlas by 272.25 (e.g. 3 marlas x 272.25 = 816.75 square feet).

  1. What is a square yard? 

A square yard is an imperial measure of area, where one square yard equals 0.836 m2 (or 8567 cm2).

  1. How many Marla in 1 Square Foot?

1 Square Foot contains 0.003673094582 Marla.

  1. How many Square Feet in 1 Marla?

1 Marla contains 272.25 Square Feet.

  1. Which one is bigger, Marla or Square yard?

No doubt, Marla is bigger than Square Yard. As one Marla is equal to 30.25 square yards.

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