Today in the History of Islam 24 Sep


This day is important in the history of Islam Because the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Founder of Islam has been migrated from Mecca to Madina on 24 Sep 622 CE. Muhammad (SAW) was born in Mecca around 570, the world’s most influential religious and political leader in history.

A new era in Islamic history was started on this day. In 622, a larger group of converts from Madina came to Mecca and took an oath to Muhammad (SAW) to defend him as their own kin. Muhammad immediately encouraged his Meccan followers to make their way to Madina in small groups. When city authorities learned that the Muslims had begun an exodus, they plotted to have the prophet killed. Under this threat, Muhammad (SAW) slipped away unnoticed with a chief disciple and made his way to Madina, using unfrequented paths. He completed the Hijrah Journey on September 24, 622. The history of Islam had begun.

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