Today in Nations’ History- 22-Sep


Famous Poet & Journalist Rais Amrohvi Died

The famous Pakistani scholar, Urdu poet, and psychoanalyst Rais Amrohvi, whose real name was Syed Muhammad Mehdi, passed away on this day in 1988. He was the elder brother of the famous poet Jaun Elia. He was well-known for his style of qatanigari (quatrain writing). The Pakistani newspaper Jang published his quatrains for many decades. His goal was to promote the Urdu language and provide assistance to Pakistan’s Urdu-speaking population.

Acceptance of Cease-Fire Proposals Of The Security Council By The India And Pakistan

In 1965, India and Pakistan fought a war over the status of Jammu and Kashmir in their second conflict. The clash in the region did not resolve this dispute, but it generated engagement between the Soviet Union and the United States. On this day on 22 September 1965, Pakistan and India accepted the UN resolution of ceasefire and withdraw their troops from disputed territories.

Iran-Iraq War Begun

In the 1980s, there was a prolonged military conflict between Iran and Iraq known as the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88). In a military engagement that began September 22, 1980, Iraqi forces attacked western Iran in the region along the border. Ultimately, Resolution 598 of the UN Security Council ended the war on 20 August 1988.

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