A contract for the installation of water meters has been signed between Punjab and the Chinese companies



LAHORE: The Punjab government and the collaboration of three Chinese companies signed an agreement Tuesday to install water meters.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Punjab PPP Authority, under the leadership of the current government, PPPs will be executed in multiple sectors to increase Punjab’s development portfolio.

DMD (Deputy Managing Director), operations Ghafran Ahmed visited Ravi Town on Tuesday. The Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) accelerated its activities in the province’s metropolitan area to make sure it completed its pre-monsoon plans in time.

As directed by Wasa MD Muhammad Tanveer, he conducted the inspection visit. During the meeting, Ravi Town Director Hafiz Raheel Ashraf informed the DMD about the summer activities that are underway.

In collaboration with private partners, Pakistan’s Planning and Development Board chairman declared the project revolutionary and the first of its kind to be launched in Pakistan. MD Wasa Lahore said Wasa currently sends bills based on the size of the houses, but once the meters are installed, people will only be charged for the amount of electricity they use and no extra charges would be applied.

Planning and Development Board spokesperson said the concession agreement was signed between Govt of Punjab and a consortium of three Chinese companies (M/s Jiangsu Xinlang Environmental Company (Private) Ltd, M/s Wenling Younio Water Meter Co Ltd, and M/s China Energy Engineering Group Jiangsu No 3 Electric Power Construction Co Ltd) through “XINLANG Lahore Water Metering (SMC-Private) Limited” a Special Purpose Vehicle created for this project.






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