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Lahore is a developing city with different cultures and traditions. It is full of colors and most developing city. People living in this city follow the new trends and make their own. MM Alam Road is a famous area of Lahore which is crowded by the population. The history behind the name of MM Road is that they named it in the honor of the Pakistan Air Force flying ace Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam (MM Alam). He was regarded by the stars of courage for fighting bravely in the India-Pakistan war of 1965. He also makes different records one of them is shot down five Indian craft in a minute.

MM Alam Road was first as the commercial property but gradually this site get filled with shopping malls, boutiques and it is mostly famous for the food shops which are locally situated and as well as the international restaurants. MM Alam Road is interlinked with the Gulberg market to Firdous Market.

Places on MM Alam Road

  • Boutiques
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools
  • Food street
  • Restaurants
  • Business places

Public Transport

In developing cities that are fully crowded and places are at a distance community demands a reasonable source of traveling all around the city. For this situation, public transport is the best option. Lahore offers the metro bus, speedo, and orange train facilities with more and more 50 rupees expense and you can go in any area with help of them MM Alam Road also have bus stop points from where you can easily travel to the nearby areas. In Lahore city people who can easily afford the cabs, they have best option to travel comfortably. Lahore Transport Company (TLC)  started the mission to cover Lahore all over the areas and facilitate the community.

A few routes for traveling in Lahore are:

  • The bus station in Kalma Chowk is situated in Ferozepur Road and it is on the 11 minutes drive
  • The Bus stop in Centre point situated in Gulberg III is an 8 minutes drive
  • The Bus stop in Waheed Muraad is pinned in the Gulberg III which is 4Km away
  • The Firdous Market bus stop is at 8 minutes drive

Those living near MM Alam Road also have the advantage of taking advantage of the Metrobus network. Benefiting from 27 stations, the transportation network includes several elevated and underground stations. Metrobus charges a minimum fare of PKR 30, with around 64 air-conditioned buses available to the public. The nearest Metrobus stations, located on Ferozepur Road, are Kalma Chowk Bus Stop and Model Town Bus Stop (11 to 15 minutes drive away).

The bus from RA Bazaar heads to the main market via Nadim Chok, Masood Anwari Road, Jinnah Flyover, Arizai Broad, Fildas Market, Hussein Chok, and finally arrives at MM Alam Road. Shuttle buses are used to connect other parts of the city to the Metrobus network. The

Thokar Bus Station is located in an irrigated colony and has a span of approximately 17km. The terminal has the famous Daewoo Express. You will find that Daewoo Bus is not only on time but also safe and reliable. The Faisal Mover (FM) has a terminal on Baton Road, about 12 km from MM Alam Road.  Another option for Baton Road is the Niazi Express, which promises safe and comfortable travel services. Each year, Niazi Express provides approximately 54 million passengers with clean, luxurious buses for land transportation.

Markets on MM Alam Road

Markets of different categories are situated on MM Alam Road which is the need of every person living there. If we talk about the supermarkets in Lahore they are categorized as AL Fatah, Hyperstar, Green Valley, and Freshly by Metro. The best option for groceries in Lahore is Al Fatah which is 7 minutes drive from MM Alam Road. This supermarket has Cosmetics, Groceries, electronics, and household accessories sections.

The Freshly Store of the Metro Cash & Carry franchise company is a 15-minute drive from MM Alam Road. Cantt-based Metro is a trusted name for providing high-quality service to our customers. Perishables, fruits and vegetables, meat, cosmetology and personal care, dairy products, frozen foods, and household items can all be purchased at the Fresh Store. Hypermarket is situated in the mall of Lahore which is situated at the distance of 5Km and Hyper star is situated in the fortress square which is located in the fortress square at the distance of 15 minutes.

One of Lahore’s most famous street markets is the Liberty Market on Noor Jehan Road. The market is a 6-minute drive from MM Alam Road. If you want to shop at the cheapest prices, this is the perfect market to visit. Liberty Market offers a combination of domestic and international brands of clothing, accessories, and shoes. The market also has many restaurants and local food stalls.

School Colleges and Universities on MM Alam Road

Given the importance of the Cambridge Exam in our country, we are fortunate to have the highest O` level schools in Lahore near MM Alam Road, such as the Lahore Grammar School (LGS). The campus is located in Gulberg Block A, about 2 km from MM Alam Road.

Next, Beacon House School System & BSS Garden Town can be reached in  11 minutes by car. With numerous locations in each city, BSS has the most extensive academic network in the country. The school offers education from kindergarten to high school with the aim of providing quality education that complies with international standards.

Another great school in Pakistan is the city school with the highest grades in the country, according to the official website. Gulberg III (Block B) has a municipal school kindergarten campus, which can be reached in just 4 minutes by car. The school provides training in accordance with international standards so that students can qualify for the Cambridge International Evaluation Exam (CIAE).

One of the best Schools in Lahore is Nordic International School. The closest campus to the school is in Block A, a Muslim town. At an estimated span of 7 km, the school is the first Swedish school in Pakistan. Nordic International School offers classes from playgroup to grade 7 while following the UK-based international curriculum to prepare students for Cambridge Examinations.

Moreover, The International School of Choueifat (ISC), located in Johar Town, Phase 1, is at an estimated interval of 12 km from MM Alam Road.

The school boasts academic classes from Kindergarten to grade 12 while following both American and British educational systems. As per the official website, ISCLahore offers students a high-quality and well-rounded education.

Here are some of the other popular schools in the neighborhood, and some of the following options:

  • Army Public School is a well-known educational institution in Pakistan and has many locations throughout the country. The school is located on Avid Majid Road in Kant, about 5 km away.
  • TheAlligator Public School on Galib Road in Gulberg III is a 2-minute walk away. The school focuses on quality education and offers classes from playgroups to 9th grade.
  • Division Public School & Intermediate College is located on Model Town Circular Road, approximately 6.4 km (4 miles). According to the official website, the school has always achieved the highest academic status.


There are various universities in Lahore, and fortunately, people living near MM Alam Road have easy access to some popular names.

  • PunjabGroupof Colleges (PGC), Block E, and Gulberg are just an 11-minute drive away. PGC offers interim degrees in engineering, arts, and commerce.
  • Aitchison College on Mall Road is a 15-minute drive away. Universities are leading institutions offering O’and A’grade classes.
  • Fazaia Intermediate University on Munia Road is 7 km away. Students with a score of 90% or higher are eligible for a scholarship program at the university. The Sir Syed College of Computer Science (SOCS) on Ghalib Road is a 5-minute walk away. SCOCS offers several short-term courses in computer science, a two-year diploma, and an intermediate course.
  • The Government College for Boys on  Escalder Road is a 10-minute drive away. The university offers both A-level and intermediate-level academic classes.


  • Lahore University of Business Sciences (LUMS), one of Pakistan’s top universities, is located approximately 12 km from MM Alam Road. The university is in Phase 5 of DHA and has several student accommodations. Future students are pleased that LUMS offers many courses to earn a bachelor’s degree (sociology, economics, electrical engineering), a master’s degree (economics, education), and a doctoral degree. (Math).
  • The University of Punjab (UOP) is located on Canal Road, an estimated 8 miles away. UOP is very popular with people living in Punjab due to its academic and quality facilities.
  • Another highly regarded university is Lahore University (UOL), which has a city campus in Block C of Gulberg III. Easily accessible by car in 8 minutes, the university claims to be the largest private university in Pakistan.
  • Located on Jail Road, Kinnaird College for Women is one of the most prestigious women’s colleges in Lahore. About 7 km from MM Alam Road, the university is one of the oldest academic institutions offering a variety of intermediate, bachelor, master, and diploma programs to students. Kinnaird College also offers several scholarship options, including need-based and merit-based.
  • CMH Lahore Medical College on Abdur Rehman Road is about 7 km away, and Muslim Town Health Science University is about 6 km away.
  • Meanwhile, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) witnessed in Model Town is  8 km (5 miles) away. UET has many faculties such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering.
  • Finally, you can drive to the National University of Arts (NCA) on Mall Road in 24 minutes. NCA is one of the best art institutions in Pakistan and attracts students from all over the country. The university offers accommodation for people from remote areas of Lahore and outside the town. NCA has a number of bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma courses in art, graphic design, and interior design.

Banks on MM Alam Road 

The famous banks of Pakistan have situated nearby the MM Alam Road National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank, and Js Bank.

  • On Liberty Market Road MCB Islamic Bank, located which is at a drive of 7 minutes.
  • The Summit Bank is situated on Main Boulevard, Gulberg III which is a 7-minute drive to reach.
  • The Allied Bank Limited is located in Gulberg II and you can easily reachable in 8 minutes drive.
  • Meezan Bank is pinned in Liberty Market and will take a drive of 8 minutes to reach there.

Hospitals and Clinics On MM Alam Road

Lahore provides the  best hospitals and health care clinics for the community and the best hospitals are located nearby or on MM Alam Road:

  • Masood Hospital which is situated in Garden Town where you can easily reach in 9 minutes
  • Ammar Medical Complex is pinned on the Jail Road and it is on the drive of 10 minutes where you can reach easily
  • Surgimed hospital is located in Gulberg V and it is on the drive of 10 minutes

If we see the eye care clinics near the MM Alam Road they are:

  • Amanat Eye Hospital which is located on Ghalib Road and is on 7 minutes drive
  • The Lahore Mid care eye center is located on the Ferozepur Road and it is 6Km away
  • Eye Trust Bashir Memorial hospital is situated on Mozang Road and 10Km away

Shopping malls, Restaurants, and Bakeries


Shopping malls on MM Alam Road are:

  • The blue mall is situated at a 1-minute drive
  • Mall 1 is on 4 minutes drive
  • C Mall is at 5 minutes drive
  • Vogue Towers is on 6minutes drive

Xinhua Mall is situated on  Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road which is at a 7-minute drive from MM Alam Road. The mall consists of the best shopping, restaurants, and cafes in Lahore. There are several options available for entertainment, such as a cinema, some snooker tables, and a bowling alley. Sadder City’s

Fortress Square Mall is just a 15-minute drive from MM Alam Road. The shopping center houses 125 national and international shopping brands such as Gul Ahmed and Almirah on five floors. Fortress Square Mall also has a large food court with several popular restaurants such as the subway, OPTP, and Ice Curl. For entertainment, the cinema has one of the best cinemas, electronic games for kids, and another area for toddlers.

The Gulberg Galleria on Main Boulevard is about 3 km away. At Gulberg Galleria, you have the opportunity to access the best restaurants and shopping brands of fine dining.

A drive of 14 minutes from MM Alam Road will take you to the Mall of Lahore, located on Tufail Road, one of the most luxurious malls in Lahore. Mall of Lahore is a project of Bahria Town Limited. The mall has various facilities for shopping, praying, playing, resting, and eating. Featuring more than 100 leading brands, the mall offers fashion boutiques, ornaments, jewelry, lifestyle appliances, and home accessories. There is also a movie theater, cafes, and fine dining restaurants in the food court of the Mall of Lahore.

Restaurants and Bakeries On MM Alam Road

First, some of Lahore’s best Chinese restaurants are near MM Alam Road:

  • Yum Chinese & Thai Gulberg II is at a 4-minute drive
  • X2 Pan Asian Dining Gulberg III is a 2-minute drive
  • Rice Bowl Gulberg III is just a 4-minute drive. Alam Road.

Next, try one of Lahore’s top Japanese restaurants:

  • Wasabi on MM Alam Road at 4-minute drive away.
  • Another option is Sumo located at Gulberg II, which is 1 km away.

There are several Popular Grill Restaurants near MM Alam Road in Lahore:

  • For the grill is the Bar. B.Q Tonight Gulberg III is estimated to be 3 km away. Bar. B.Q
  • Nadeem Tikka is located in Gulberg III and is another option that can be reached in 4 minutes by car.

If you also like the Famous Fast-Food Chain:

  • Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King, the subway, and McDonald’s in 2-5 minutes from MM Alam Road. If you like burgers, you’ll be happy to know that Lahore has some of the best burger hangouts such as Hardee’s, Howdy, and Burger Hub. It only takes 3-6 minutes to  walk to  these famous burger shops

High Tea places on MM Alam Road:

  • English Tea House which is at 5 minutes drive

Bakeries that are popular around the MM Alam Road are:

  • Gourmet Bakers and sweets in Gulberg III at 5 minutes drive
  • Bread and Beyond situated on MM Alam road at a 2.7km distance
  • Shehzan Bakers is situated in CMA Colony which is 4km away
  • Kitchen Cuisine is at a 4minutes distance

Salon and Spas on MM Alam Road

There are many beauty salons nearby, including:

  • Nail Lounge by Pinky is a 1-minute walk away. According to user reviews on Google Maps, the salon offers the highest quality services by qualified staff.
  • Friday Spa & Salon, located in Gulberg III, is about 2 km away. The salon is expensive but offers excellent hairstyling services for styling, extensions, and haircuts.
  • Mala`s Signature Salon,  a 5-minute drive away, is one of the top wedding salons on MM Alam Road. You can avail of many services at the salon, such as hair care, body care, makeup, and mehndi.
  • Khawar Riaz Salon is another popular name on MM Alam Road, a 4-minute drive away. The salon is known for providing excellent men’s hair care services.

Then Toni & Guy, located on MM Alam Road, is a 3-minute walk away. Benefiting from an international reach, the salon is the most recognized hair salon in the world with 12 years of experience. Toni & Guy has a wide range of services such as haircuts, coloring, dry styling, men’s grooming, and hair extensions. The salon also offers a number of esthetician degrees or training courses in hair care, skincare, and makeup.

The Lounge, located on Mian Mehmood Kasuri Ali Road, is a men’s lounge of Depilex. With a distance of 3.5 km, Depilex Salon is a very recognized name in Pakistan. You can enjoy a variety of services at Depilex, including facials and body treatments. According to the official website, “Depilex employees are fully trained”. For women, the nearest Depilex branch is in Shadman Town, which can be reached in 13 minutes.

Le Reve “The Dream”, located in Gulberg III, about 1 km away. The salon has more than two decades of experience and offers a wide range of makeup, skincare, hair styling, and body care services.

Ava Turkish Spa and Salon, located in Gulberg II, offers a number of lavish spa services including a hammam, skin and hair treatments. Luckily, you can reach the spa within  2 minutes by car and enjoy the many services on offer.

Cinemas on MM Alam Road

  • MM Alam Road is just a 15-minute drive from Cinepax, located in Fortress Square shopping mall. There are approximately 7,000 seats in the theaters across the country, which are the most in the country. With online booking, best-in-class digital experience, and comfortable seats, Cinemapax claims to offer unmatched services.
  • MM Alam Road Cine star is situated in Ali Mall, about 1 km away. Another CineStar cinema is located in Xinhua News Agency, on the 4th floor. Getting to the mall and the CineStar cinema takes only 7 minutes by car.
  • Super cinema in Vogue Tower at 6 minutes drive

Park and Clubs Near MM Alam Road

  • The C2 Park is located at Gulberg IIIand is a 5-minute walk away.
  • Block T Park is located in Gulberg II, which is a 4-minute drive away.
  • The  J Block Park is at a distance of about 3 km away.

Lahore’s Joyland amusement park is located in Saddar Town. A 14-minute drive from MM Alam Road, the park hosts many thrilling games for visitors. Some of Joyland’s funniest games include spin acrobatics and exploration and drop games. BagheJinnah, located on Mall Road, is a 17-minute drive away. Formerly known as Lawrence Gardens, the garden dates back to colonial times. BagheJinnah includes a botanical park,  mosque, cricket ground, jogging track, and library.

Allama Iqbal City has the famous Gulshan Iqbal Park, located about 8 km from the locality. The park has many places for recreational activities such as picnics as well as many beautiful flower beds. There are many facilities in the park, including a jogging track, lake, boating equipment, and cricket ground.

Shalimar Bagh, situated on GT Road, 13 km from MM Alam Road. Albeit somewhat remote for the people who live close to MM Alam Road, the nursery is still consistently visited at the ends of the week. Shalimar Bagh is a Mughal period garden that includes an assortment of exceptional blossoms and plants, for example, chenars and cypresses. The nursery is rectangular in shape with three porches, 410 wellsprings, structures, a lake, and a few huge rooms.

Other than the numerous excellent parks, you will likewise track down a wide scope of famous clubs in the space of ​​MM Alam Road, like Punjab Club, Lahore Gymkhana, Lahore Polo Club, Bar Club Youth, Lahore Flight Club, and Royal Palms Golf and Country Club.

Punjab Club, situated on Danepur Road (12 minutes drive away), is one of the richest clubs nearby. With a loosening-up climate, the club is great for sports and amusement.

Lahore Gymkhana, situated on Mall Road, is an 11-minute drive from MM Alam Road. The club has a wide scope of sports offices like a pool, tennis court, pool table, cricket field, and pool room. Lahore Gymkhana additionally offers sumptuous convenience for visitors and routinely puts together shows, courses, and gatherings at the club.

There are a couple of polo clubs in Pakistan, and Lahore Polo Club is one of a couple. Situated close to Jail Road, the club is a 16-minute drive away. The Lahore Polo Club traces all the way back to provincial occasions and is home to various offices like equestrian classes, a polo field, horse hopping, and stable administration courses. For riding classes, the Lahore Polo Club is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. also, from 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. in the evening.

The Youth Club, situated in Garden Town, is a strict gathering that arranges Islamic workshops and examples around the country. A 10-minute vehicle ride away, the club additionally sorts out field trips and sporting exercises for individuals.

Flying Club Lahore, situated in Nishter, is a 17-minute drive away. This is the loftiest flying club in Lahore, offering travel, horseback riding, and flyer conveyance administrations. As indicated by the authority site, the club has qualified instructors, exceptional study halls very much kept up with airplanes, a cafeteria, and progressed instructive offices.

Regal Palm Golf and Country Club, situated on Canal Street, has the best games and sporting offices. It will just take you 15 minutes via vehicle to arrive at the club from MM Alam Road. The club is one of only a handful of exceptional 18-opening fairways in the country with faultless administrations and an all-around kept up with course. You’ll likewise track down luxurious gatherings, huge rooms, a driving reach, a few top-notch cafés, and some pleasant yards in the club.


  • The Gulberg is a 3-minute drive
  • Garden Town is a 9-minute drive
  • Canal Road is 5Km away
  • Cavalry Ground is at the 9-minute drive.
  • Mall Road is away just a 13-minute drive.

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