CDA Announces Islamabad’s First Wildlife Safari Park Development

CDA Announces Islamabad's First Wildlife Safari Park Development

According to a news source on June 21, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has revealed plans to build Islamabad’s first Wildlife Safari Park. This new venture aims to provide an immersive wildlife experience while promoting conservation and education.

According to the details, the Wildlife Safari Park will feature a jungle theme, complete with tree houses, close animal encounters, and a rehabilitation and rescue center for animals. The park is designed to offer visitors a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in a setting that closely mimics their natural habitats. The inclusion of tree houses and other thematic elements will enhance the visitor experience, making it both educational and enjoyable.

To build a cutting-edge facility in Islamabad, CDA Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa stressed the value of taking inspiration from worldwide and national safari parks. He highlighted that the design and development of the park will draw on best practices from renowned safari parks around the world, ensuring that Islamabad’s park meets the highest standards. This approach underscores the CDA’s commitment to creating a world-class facility that not only attracts tourists but also fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of wildlife.

The park will also house a rehabilitation and rescue center, which will play a crucial role in the conservation efforts. This center will provide care for injured or endangered animals, helping to preserve local wildlife populations. By integrating conservation efforts with the visitor experience, the park aims to educate the public on the importance of protecting and preserving wildlife.

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa stated that after thorough planning, work on both the Wildlife Safari Park and Pakistan Street will commence in the next financial year. Pakistan Street is another significant project aimed at celebrating the country’s heritage and culture. The simultaneous development of these projects reflects the CDA’s broader vision for enhancing Islamabad’s recreational and cultural landscape.

The announcement of the Wildlife Safari Park has been met with enthusiasm from the public and environmental groups. The project is expected to boost tourism, create job opportunities, and contribute to the local economy. Additionally, it will serve as an important educational resource, raising awareness about wildlife conservation among visitors of all ages.

The CDA’s plan to develop Islamabad’s first Wildlife Safari Park is a forward-thinking initiative that promises to enrich the city’s recreational offerings. By incorporating innovative design elements and focusing on conservation, the park is set to become a premier destination for both locals and tourists. The commencement of this project, alongside Pakistan Street, marks a significant step in the CDA’s ongoing efforts to enhance the cultural and environmental landscape of Islamabad.

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