CDA Is Looking For Ways to Make The Capital Pedestrian Friendly

CDA News

The head of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) met with renowned urban policy expert Naveed Iftikhar. The meeting was held because CDA management intends to explore other options for making Islamabad more pedestrian-friendly. There is a need for better signage and awareness campaigns, as well as an assessment of pedestrian needs, he emphasized. Iftikhar during the meeting. He offered to help the CDA plan and promote pedestrian-friendly and environmentally friendly initiatives. At the meeting, it was discussed that the Metropolitan Development Authority, which had already decided to complete a pedestrian walkway through Islamabad, would eventually create a pedestrian map for residents. Introduced a meter-based parking lot with the introduction of buses scheduled for late March. He said such an exchange of views was essential to the attention-grabbing policy decisions of the Department of Capital Development.

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