CDA Reclaims 3 Kanal of Land from Encroachers in Sangjani

CDA Reclaims 3 Kanal of Land from Encroachers in Sangjani

According to the details, this operation carried out under the directive of Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa, saw the removal of illegal structures that had encroached upon government property. The goal of the anti-encroachment campaign was to remove any unpermitted projects. It was organized by the CDA’s Enforcement Directorate and aided by revenue employees and other departments. As part of this operation, several rooms that were illegally built on government land were demolished.

The operation in Sangjani is part of a broader initiative by the CDA to address illegal encroachments throughout Islamabad. These efforts are crucial for preserving public property and ensuring that government land is used by urban planning regulations. The successful retrieval of land in Sangjani marks a significant step in CDA’s ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of urban planning and uphold the rule of law in the capital city.

Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa emphasized the CDA’s commitment to combating illegal encroachments across Islamabad. He highlighted the importance of preserving public property and ensuring that such actions do not burden the city’s development plans. The operation in Sangjani demonstrates the CDA’s dedication to enforcing regulations and protecting government land from unauthorized use.

The anti-encroachment operation was meticulously planned and executed, with coordination between various departments ensuring its success. The Enforcement Directorate played a pivotal role, utilizing its resources and personnel to carry out the demolitions. Revenue staff provided essential support, verifying the ownership and status of the land before the operation commenced.

This operation is part of a series of measures implemented by the CDA to tackle illegal encroachments in Islamabad. Previous efforts have included the demolition of unauthorized structures, removal of illegal markets, and reclaiming of government land. These actions are necessary to ensure that public property is not misused and that development projects can proceed without hindrance.

The successful reclamation of over 3 Kanal of land in Sangjani is a testament to the effectiveness of the CDA’s strategies. By removing illegal structures and preventing further encroachments, the CDA is working to ensure that public land is available for legitimate use and development. This is vital for the long-term growth and sustainability of Islamabad.

Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa reiterated the CDA’s resolve to continue these efforts, stating that the authority will not tolerate illegal encroachments on public land. He urged citizens to cooperate with the CDA in its mission to protect and preserve public property. The CDA’s actions in Sangjani clearly message to encroachers that illegal activities will be met with strict enforcement.

The Capital Development Authority’s successful recovery of over 3 Kanal of land from encroachers in Sangjani underscores its commitment to maintaining the integrity of Islamabad’s urban planning. Under Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa’s leadership, the CDA continues to enforce regulations and protect public property, ensuring that the capital city can develop in an orderly and sustainable manner. The CDA’s ongoing anti-encroachment operations reflect its dedication to upholding the rule of law and supporting the city’s development objectives.

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