DHA Karachi Seeks 6,000 Acres for Beachfront Expansion

DHA Karachi Seeks 6,000 Acres for Beachfront Expansion

Karachi: The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has requested up to 6,000 acres of beachfront land in Karachi from the Sindh government to expand its housing scheme. This request, made in December 2023 to the caretaker government, aims to accommodate families of fallen soldiers and armed forces personnel, as claimed in a news source a couple of weeks ago.

According to the details, this significant request stems from the necessity to provide adequate housing for military families. The DHA Karachi administrator highlighted the pressing need for additional land, especially following the separation of DHA Karachi and DHA City Karachi. This separation has created a need for more space to continue the development and expansion of housing schemes.

The administrator also pointed out that the allocation of this land is crucial for supporting the welfare of military families. These families have made significant sacrifices, and providing them with suitable housing is a priority for the DHA. The expansion plan is also part of a broader vision to enhance the overall infrastructure and living conditions within the DHA Karachi area.

The letter sent to the Sindh chief minister praised the past support from the government, acknowledging the collaborative efforts that have facilitated DHA’s growth over the years. The administrator emphasized the urgent need for 5,000-6,000 acres of land to fulfill the expansion plans, which are designed to meet the growing demands of military personnel and their families.

This proposed expansion is expected to bring several benefits to the region. It will not only provide much-needed housing for military families but also stimulate economic activity through construction and related industries. Additionally, the development of beachfront properties is likely to attract further investments and enhance the appeal of Karachi’s coastline.

The DHA’s request aligns with its long-term goals of sustainable development and improved living standards for its residents. By securing additional land, the authority aims to create a more extensive and well-planned community that offers a high quality of life for its inhabitants.

The DHA Karachi’s expansion plan reflects a strategic move to address the housing needs of military families while contributing to the overall development of Karachi. The proposed acquisition of 5,000-6,000 acres of beachfront land will play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives and ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of the area.

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