Due To Overheating, A Metro Bus In Rawalpindi Catches Fire


Rawalpindi: It was reported that a metro bus had caught fire early on Thursday morning. Fire broke out on the bus while it was parked at Rehmanabad station in Rawalpindi. It was possible to see smoke billowing from the back of the bus for miles in all directions.

In response to the fire incident, Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) requested that Metro Bus Service (MBS) operations on Murree Road be suspended. As of the date of filing of this report, the operation had been suspended. In the metro bus, a fire broke out because of overheating.

Passing motorists captured video of thick smoke pouring from the station, surrounded by people watching in awe as they watched.

Islamabad’s Jinnah Avenue also suffered a fire Monday night. After the driver promptly stopped the bus and let the passengers out, all passengers were rescued safely without any injuries. As well as the fire department, the fires were extinguished by the fire brigade within minutes.

Engine fire caused the whole bus to catch fire, resulting in the whole bus being destroyed. As a result of seeing flames, commuters rushed off the bus in a state of fear and panic.

In the incident at Murree Road Rehmanabad metro station, Rescue 1122 officials verified that no commuters were injured. ‘The News’ reported that the Metro Bus Authority (MBS) had managed to control the situation and that the passengers were saved from all sides.

In addition, the authority reported to the Punjab government that it had requested money to maintain bus and metro tracks. In an interview with The Boston Globe, Metro Bus Authority (MBA) officials and drivers stated that every bus will need maintenance.

In spite of the fact that the buses were not in a condition to be plied, concerned management insisted they be plied regardless. In the coming days, buses will either stop or catch fire if management does not provide funds for maintenance. Further, the administration indicated that they were investigating other causes of the fire.

Islamabad’s Jinnah Avenue was also engulfed in flames three days ago by a metro bus. Rawalpindi and Islamabad metro lines and buses need to be maintained, so the government has appealed for funds.

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