A Forensic Audit For the Biggest Scam Of Establishment Division Held As Ordered By Imran Khan

Forensic Audit For the Biggest Scam Of Establishment Division

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered a forensic investigation of millions of rupees of fraud in the founding department. Top bureaucratic regulators on fictitious purchases of stationery. This was announced at a meeting of the Public Accounting Committee on Wednesday.  PAC has reviewed the 2019 audit report for the branch office. The establishment Divisions is responsible for managing the work of the bureaucracy and thus keeping the state’s work running smoothly.

It acts as the center of the bureaucracy, and its officials act as business advisors to the federal government. In addition to handling transfers, transfers, promotions, and training, departments conduct case studies to resolve specific administrative issues, conduct organizational reviews, and perform functions and procedures in various departments and related departments. Is defined. It also oversees all other federal governments, departments, and autonomy.

According to an audit report, the Treasury suffered a loss of Rs. 48 million as high-ranking officials in the founding department coined money through fictitious purchases of stationery and other store items. The report cites general financial rules stating that purchases must be made in the most economical way that is consistent with clear public service requirements. The Audit Director told  PAC that the forensic review was almost complete and the report was ready in about a week. PAC Chair Rana Tanveer Hussain said the Commission will address the issue after the forensic report has been submitted to the Commission

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