Good News: Punjab Government Has Reduced Orange Train Ticket Prices


LAHORE: According to the Punjab government, Orange Train Ticket Prices will change in the coming months. Overall, we can say the the Orange train ticket prices have reduced to 20 rupees.

Orange Train stop-to-stop fares have been approved by the Punjab Cabinet. With the new Orange Train fare, there are 5 brackets to choose from.

Hence, Muneeb Sultan Cheema, Provincial Transport Minister, has stated that the orange train will cost Rs40 as it travels from Ali Town to Dera Gujran.

  • There will be a fare of Rs20 for the first 4 kilometers.
  • There will be a fare of Rs25 for 5 to 8 kilometers.
  • The orange train fare for 9 to 12km has been fixed at Rs30.
  • The orange train fare for 13 to 16km has been fixed at Rs35.
  • The orange train fare for 16 to 27km from the first stop to the last stop will be Rs40.

All of these fares will be applicable after notification.

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