LDA forward Proposals for Construction of the Blue & Purple Line Metro Train in Lahore

LDA forward Proposals for Construction of the Blue & Purple Line Metro Train

These projects aim to improve the city’s public transportation system and provide convenient travel options for the residents. The LDA is actively working on the planning and implementation of these projects, which are expected to greatly benefit the commuters in Lahore. The proposed metro train lines will not only reduce traffic congestion but also contribute to the overall development and modernization of the city.

The Punjab Government is set to launch two new metro train services, namely the Blue Line and Purple Line, in Lahore. This move aims to enhance the transportation system in the city. Following the remarkable achievement of the Orange Line Metro Train.

The government has recently unveiled a series of ambitious projects, amounting to a staggering Rs14.5 trillion investment, signaling a significant commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure within the province. This announcement, made on Saturday, highlights the government’s determination to drive progress and development in the region.

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has put forward proposals for the Blue and Purple Line Train Projects and is currently awaiting approval from the Punjab government to commence work on these projects. Upon receiving approval, preparations will commence for the projects, referred to as PC-1, to meticulously plan and execute them.

The Punjab Government’s dedication to enhancing urban transportation and the well-being of its citizens is exemplified through these initiatives. The objective of the metro train network expansion is to enhance regional economic development while simultaneously providing public transportation options that are sustainable, affordable, and efficient.

The Purple Line Metro Train project, which is projected to extend for approximately 16 stations and 16 kilometers in the airport and Bhati Chowk, will cost an estimated 577 billion rupees. On an average day, approximately 250,000 individuals are expected to utilize this route.

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