Pakistan’s Development Impossible Without Technical Knowledge said PU Vice Chancellor

LAHORE: Prof Dr Niaz Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of Punjab University (PU), believes that any nation’s development depends on technology and knowledge; therefore, Pakistan cannot develop without advancement in both.

This was said at a graduation ceremony for the students who were awarded degrees by Punjab University’s Department of History and Pakistan Studies. The event was attended by the Chairman of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Prof Dr Shahid Munir, the Chairman of the Department Prof Dr Mahboob Hussain, faculty members, and a large number of students.

In addition, Dr Niaz Ahmed said that the youth play a crucial role in Pakistan’s bright future. According to him, students should contribute to the country’s development.

Having congratulated the successful students and their parents, he said Punjab University was a wonderful educational institution and a blessing for hard-working students. Universities were founded to create knowledge, according to the vice-chancellor.

As a result of its impressive progress in the last four years, Punjab University played an important role in resolving the problems of the country and society.

As part of his talk, Dr Shahid Munir said that developing countries must take steps to develop their human resources in the same way as advanced nations. Moreover, he stressed the importance of mastering history subjects for students.

The students should fight the conspiracies being spread by enemies to distort our history and spread propaganda against our heroes. In his view, research that is geared toward meeting the needs of society should be encouraged.

University faculty development programmes, learning cultures, and freedom of expression were necessary for the promotion of higher education. A speech was also given by Dr Mahboob Hussain.

There were 7 PhDs, 35 MPhils, 15 MA history degrees and 70 MA Pakistan studies degrees awarded among the graduating students.

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