Park View City Lahore’s 11,000-Kanal Gets the Go-Ahead from RUDA

Park View City Lahore's 11,000-Kanal Gets the Go-Ahead from RUDA

Parkview City’s huge residential plan, which covers 11,000 kanals, has been approved by the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA). This makes it the biggest residential project in Lahore.

The important news was made at a big event at Parkview City, where CEO Shoaib Siddiqui also talked about the big plans for the development. RUDA’s approval means that Parkview City’s residential area now covers an impressive 31,000 kanals, giving people a modern and connected way to live.

During the ceremony, CEO Shoaib Siddiqui talked about how excited he was about the project and all the great amenities that would be offered to residents. “Parkview City will establish an unprecedented benchmark for residential living in Lahore, providing a variety of essential services including gas, water, electricity, and a host of cutting-edge facilities”.

One of the most interesting parts of Parkview City’s master plan is the building of a modern dancing fountain that looks like one of Islamabad’s most famous sites. The goal of this addition is to make the entire complex look even better while also giving residents a unique place to relax.

Parkview City is also planning to add several entertaining and productive places to learn and relax, such as a safari park, botanical garden, business downtown area, teaching hospital, and schools. These features are meant to make living in Parkview City more enjoyable and to help the city grow.

Siddiqui emphasized the city’s dedication to excellence and promised that the management would do everything possible to make sure that the people had access to the best facilities. “We are committed to providing a creative residential project that prioritizes the well-being and convenience of our residents,” said Siddiqui.

Parkview City is looking forward to even bigger changes and has plans for future growth. As always, the management is striving for excellence and wants Parkview City to be the standard for high-quality life in Lahore.

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