Planning For Flood Preparedness Approved By CDA

Islamabad: The chief commissioner of Islamabad and the chairman of the Capital Development Authority have approved a plan to allocate resources to cope with impending pre-monsoon rainfall.

It has been confirmed by the authorities that Deputy Commissioner (Islamabad), Arif Nawaz has been appointed convener of the District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) which would coordinate all efforts. Furthermore, the mapping of nallahs and resources will be conducted and the data gathered from the Pakistan survey can be used.

Additionally, the chair instructed the Member Engineering CDA to ensure access to machinery at all times, especially at vulnerable points where monitoring camps and human resources will be established immediately.

Kactchiabdis and vulnerable areas have been monitored with special attention given to those areas hit by last July’s torrential rains. In addition, agencies like Iesco, food and livestock have been given instructions regarding the provision of all necessary measures and items, along with human resources, to assist in flood relief efforts.

For the purchase of dewatering sets, pumps, and other items, the CDA was instructed to release Rs50million to DMA through MCI. The chairman of the board urged the director generals of environmental management and civic management to keep their staff alert round the clock.

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