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Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing for Real Estate Business in 2021

Know about the pros and cons of Digital Marketing for the real estate business in 2021. Pakistan is growing in the real estate industry due to digital marketing overcome. As we all know that Real Estate business in Pakistan is booming and also all over the world. There are so many real estate agents working in Pakistan and every single one of them has a physical office. If we talk about the physical offices of real estate agents, this is the most classic example of a traditional marketing channel that Real Estate agents use. If an agent uses traditional sales techniques in the property business like showing a house to a client, you presumably know all the obstacles linked with them. For starters, they come with big operating costs calculated both in time & money you use on traveling from place to place.

Another major con is bad customer experience. House purchasers waste time traveling to various properties that do not meet their preferences solely because they seemed totally different in listing pictures.

Digital marketing for real estate opens the doors in getting your selected audience more effectively and efficiently &building relations with your clients in many different ways. Latest technological techniques like AR, VR, 3D, or 360° renderings permits showing real estate properties online in the best possible & convenient way. Like all the other businesses Digital Marketing for Real Estate is very important.

Now Property Buy-Rent will help you understand some of the pros and cons of Digital Marketing for real estate business in 2021.

1. Beautifully designed and Functional Website

In the age of the digital world, without any doubt, digital marketing for real estate is extremely pivotal. And one of the things which is a part of Digital Marketing is a company’s website. The initiating point of any prosperous digital real estate development marketing strategy is a beautifully designed & functioning website, great in content that is planned to work in conjunction with Google’s search algorithm, & linked to your marketing channels. In the contemporary world, users of the internet use a diverse range of tools from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets to search online, so your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

Your website is the foundation of every strategy you’ll have moving forward – it’s the foundation of your online presence and all your content will ultimately lead your client to this website. Once that’s in place, there’s lots of space for property development marketing to get creative and plan a diverse, multi-channel real estate developer marketing strategy.


Making a financial investment in visual contents that illustrates real estate properties clearly & perfectly is the first step in reducing the discovery procedure.

Clients can use digital marketing tools to see real estate properties as and when required, no matter when they want to check, whatever time suits them best. They can also take part in online virtual tours that are conducted by real estate advisors in real-time. In Virtual tours, you will save an ample amount of time & money as compared to physical meetings & property showings.

The optimal way to deliver a first-class client experience is by reaching your customers in the comfort of their houses. With the help of Digital technology like Virtual Tour, they will not have to visit different properties before discovering the one they like. Virtual Reality content will allow them to see properties clearly before they decide to set up a meeting.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing for Real Estate Business in 2021

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing for Real Estate Business in 2021


Pay Per Click also known as (PPC) is a commonly used Digital Marketing tool for real estate business. In this tool, you have to pay for every single click your ads going to receive. Google Ads is the classic example of PAY-PER-CLICK advertising, it is a common

You have to pay for every click that your ads receive. Google Ads is the traditional example of PPC advertising; however, it is common method use on social platforms as well. And digital advertising for real estate is important.


PPC is efficient and fast.

This method can take you to the number one position in Search Engine Result Pages in no time, so your company name is positioned front &center for anyone looking for keywords pertinent to your ad.


On the other side, Pay per click is not inexpensive.

Until and unless if you don’t have enough money, it is difficult to run PPC all the times. It is going to be an expensive method & you have to bring in an experienced professional to be efficient and competitive. This method usually illustrates a well-defined promotion to a mass audience, making it hard to customize your message.


Email marketing permits you to send emails to your contact list who have chosen in to getalerts from you. It is a kind of permission marketing, & it is among the most used way real estate agents remain in contact with their list of customers.


Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools to deliver your message in the inbox of your potential clients, who already wants to hear from you. Email marketing methods in contemporary days permit you to collect productive information on your customers based on the way that they deal with your mails, which means you can master & customize communication to enhance for better conversion rates.


Well, the problem is that one size is not going to fit all mails, and personalization in email marketing is imperative to its Return on Investment success rate.

5. Social media marketing (SMM)

One of the research regarding Social Media Marketing shows that 84 % of property professionals use Social Media Marketing.

It is more than a place to publish ads to promote listings, real estate agents are using Social Media Marketing to make a unique brand, share posts, & keep in touch with their local community. It is an amalgamation of both intervention & permission marketing.


For people with wide networks, to intensify their individual brand social media marketing could be a wonderful thing, communicate as a whole & stay in thought for people who are in property mode.


For the time being, it is important to note that building a great social media strategy needs a crucial time investment.

Some of the other pros and cons of Digital Marketing For the Real Estate Business are described below:


Some of the other PROS of digital marketing for real estate comprises:

  • International Reach – Digital Marketing permits you to find other undiscovered markets & trade globally for a little amount of money.
  • Little Cost – a correctly organized & well-positioned digital marketing campaign can get to the potential clients at a very low cost than traditional marketing techniques.
  • Friendliness –When a real estate agent get into social media & handling it carefully, you can construct customer loyalty & build a reputation for yourself of being friendly and easy to deal with.


Some of the other cons of digital marketing you should know about comprises:

  • Expertise & Training – You will need to make sure that your working staff has the correct skill & competence to conduct digital marketing without any problem. Methods, channels & trends change quickly & it’s important that a real estate dealer remain up-to-date.
  • Time Taking – things such as optimizing online advertisement campaigns & making marketing content can take a significant amount of time. It’s imperative to calculate your results to make sure an ROI.
  • Big Competition – while you can get to a global audience with digital marketing. It will be a challenge for real estate agents to face competitors & to seize the attention of a potential client, at whom many messages are already aimed online.


There are so many real estate agents in Pakistan and websites also where you can get the information and payment plan of different societies like Lake City Lahore, DHA, Model Town, Bahria Town, Blue World City Islamabad, etc. And also get the digital marketing services in Pakistan but if you want the best possible deals related to Real Estate you can contact Property Buy Rent. Because Property Buy Rent understands the need of its clients and helps them in every possible way to choose the best real estate option.

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