Sets up an affordable housing project for overseas Pakistanis: Capital Development Authority (CDA)

housing project for overseas Pakistanis

Islamabad: According to a notice in daily news publications, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has brought to light Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1, an affordable apartment project created especially for overseas Pakistanis. (Reported by news source)

Located on Lehtrar Road in Zone-IV of Islamabad, the project offers 2-bedroom apartments with a total square footage of 779. According to the advertisement, the apartments’ online application will be on hand from February 25 through March 31, 2023, and digital balloting will take place on April 15.

Only Pakistanis living abroad with valid NICOP and Pakistan origin cards are eligible to apply for the apartment project, which will be executed jointly by CDA and the central government. All payments must be paid in US dollars. The advertisement directed potential customers to visit CDA’s official website beginning on February 25 to download booklets and application forms.

It is noteworthy that the CDA has begun several residential property projects for Pakistanis living abroad to draw foreign direct investment (FDI)


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