Thar to Port Qasim Railway Project All Set to Launch

Thar to Port Qasim Railway Project All Set to Launch

The administration of the federally-funded and Sindh-funded projects will be delegated to federal authorities. Although there are concerns regarding the environmental impact, officials maintain that adequate precautions have been taken to mitigate any adverse consequences.

“Every environmental concern has been addressed, and the project will not result in any negative environmental consequences,” a representative from the Sindh Energy Department stated.

The railway route will facilitate the transport of coal from the Thar coalfields to power projects located throughout the nation. The Pakistani government intends to increase the proportion of economically viable coal-based energy in the country’s overall energy composition.

However, according to an authority on coal-related environmental issues, Thar coal has long been a source of significant environmental apprehension, with human rights organizations, the local community, and experts expressing concerns before the commencement of the projects.

However, the local community has suffered even greater depletion of water and air quality, according to Zeenia Shaukat, an authority on coal initiatives. “As a consequence of the ensuing social transformation, a community that was already marginalized by inadequate state services in the area has suffered loss of income, migration, destitution, and limited development prospects.”

Shaukat stated that a multitude of studies and documentaries have examined the detrimental effects of coal on the Tharis’ way of life. The Tharais have been subjected to punitive measures due to their profound devotion to their homeland, environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and adherence to ecological principles.

She stated that the railway line would traverse human settlements, agricultural land, and possibly protected forests at various locations along its route. “Upon its arrival at Port Qasim, the local populace will be impacted by the activities of loading, unloading, handling, and loading.” “Along the transportation route, there is a high probability of ecological and agricultural production disruptions and potential spills,” she noted.

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