The KP CM launches the BRT Service in DHA Peshawar

The KP CM launches the BRT service in DHA Peshawar

Peshawar: Chief Minister (CM) Ali Amin Gandapur has officially inaugurated the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System’s DR-14 feeder route, which connects Board Bazaar to DHA Peshawar via Regi Model on Nasir Bagh Road.

During the inauguration ceremony, CM Gandapur highlighted that Zu Peshawar serves as a vital lifeline for approximately 350,000 passengers daily, playing a crucial role in the city’s transport network. The introduction of this new route is poised to elevate the accessibility and convenience of public transportation, thus fostering the city’s sustainable progress.

A spokesperson from TransPeshawar, the organization responsible for the BRT system, highlighted the route’s benefits for residents of Regi Model Town, DHA, Askari, and Police Colony, as well as students of Islamia College and the University of Peshawar. The improved connectivity is particularly beneficial for students and daily commuters, providing them with a reliable and efficient means of transportation.

The inauguration of the DR-14 feeder route is part of a broader initiative to enhance public transport in Peshawar. The new route will not only ease the daily commute for thousands of residents but also support the city’s economic development by improving access to various parts of the city. With 16 strategically placed stops, the route ensures that major residential and educational areas are well connected, thereby promoting a more integrated urban environment.

Additionally, plans are underway to operationalize another route from Pishtakhara to Peshawar Saddar. This expansion is aimed at further extending the BRT’s reach to cater to the transportation needs of villages and localities along Bara Road. By expanding the network, TransPeshawar seeks to create a more comprehensive and efficient public transport system that meets the growing demands of Peshawar’s population.

The BRT system has significantly contributed to reducing traffic congestion and pollution in the city. With new routes, the system is expected to have an even greater positive impact on the urban landscape. The ongoing efforts to improve public transportation are a testament to the government’s commitment to sustainable urban development and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

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