The LDA DG Evaluates the One-Window Cell of the Lahore

The LDA DG Evaluates the One-Window Cell of the Lahore

According to a source, on April 2, the Director General (DG) of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Tahir Farooq, reportedly evaluated the performance of the LDA’s one-window cell.

In the course of his visit, DG Farooq addressed the concerns of individuals and engaged in conversation with staff members from a variety of departments. To facilitate the processing of applications, he stressed the importance of accelerating the processing of files that have been completely cleared within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. DG Farooq further emphasized the significance of making certain that the benefits of record filtering are communicated to the general population because of its relevance.

In addition to this, he gave the Chief Town Planner the directive to devise a strategy for enhancing the approval procedure for building proposals. In addition, DG Farooq examined the development of the applications that were received during the first shift and issued a directive that challans for properties that had been cleared be issued within twenty-four hours.

The senior individuals who were in town were approached by him, and he inquired about the problems they were facing. The director of the One Window Cell provided the DG with an update on the cases that were received. Tahir Farooq gave the housing directors the instruction to handle any outstanding issues as quickly as possible daily, highlighting the importance of providing citizens with timely provision of services. He was also responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of staff members working in the One Window Cell’s many departments.

In addition to daily inspections of the One Window Cell’s activities, he stated that continuing short-term and long-term initiatives are now being implemented to improve the performance of the One Window Cell. Every day, the performance of One Window Cell is being evaluated and categorized. Reforms are now being introduced to speed up the processing of applications submitted by citizens at the One Window in the shortest amount of time possible.

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