Today Events in the History – 14– Oct


1967-Joan Baez Arrested

On 14th October 1967, Joan Baez Folk singer gets arrested. He get arrested in California, Oakland with another anti-war protestor at least 40 for taking the part in a sit-in at the military induction center. Ten-day sentences were given to her, one of many sentences were given during her protest at Vietnam War.

1966-Canada Montreal Metro

On 14th October 1966, Canada Montreal Metro inaugurated a transportation system of 26 stations serving the North, East, and center of the island of Montreal by three separate lines. This was the first rubber-tyred metro system which means they use rubber tyres except for steel tyres.

1962-Cuba U2 Spy Plane

In the 1962 Cuba, U2 Spy Plane the photographs were taken by the U2 spy plane. Soviet-made the medium-range missiles in Cuba. They carrying nuclear warheads 90 miles away from the American coastline.  This news bring the United States and Soviet closest point to nuclear war history.

1947-U.S.A. Flying Boat

On 14th October 1947, An antique flying boat trying to convey the biggest range of passengers on a transatlantic flight (sixty-three passengers) in a heavier than airplane has failed in its try and is stranded 800 miles from the Newfoundland coast in heavy seas and 25 toes – seventy-five toes waves.

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