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What are the investment opportunities in the Blue World City Islamabad?

Blue World City Islamabad is growing rapidly in Pakistan. Property Buy Rent gives you investment opportunities in the Blue World City Islamabad. Real Estate investment is considered among the most difficult decisions in life, and every person vigilantly thinks about it a hundred times before going to make such a conclusion. The most important element in assessing the hazard breaker is the correct choice; the person who wants to invest is continually reliant on either their investment can deliver gains or even bring loss.

As the real estate calculation is constantly disappearing, this argumentation is a subjective factor based on the mindset of the investor.
Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad Growing Rapidly

Blue World City Islamabad is without any doubt among the swiftly growing investment projects on Chakri Lane. The Blue World City delivers a diverse range of characteristics & services. Blue World City is considered as the number 1 project to investment in when it comes to Islamabad and when capitalists talk about 2021’s top property schemes.

The Blue World City design encompasses a considerable chunk of the housing scheme restrained for a no. of amusement parks & sports grounds. Controlled by the Blue Group of Companies, this real estate project is about to inaugurate a big water park for the citizens of Pakistan.

This clearly means that Blue World City is not just restricted to the residents of Islamabad, but to the whole tourism arriving in from all over Pakistan as well as from other countries will find Blue World City as the best entertainment spot in Islamabad. There is also a Blue World City overseas block in this society. Thus, making an investment in Blue World City in contemporary times definitely means that you are actually going to invest in a huge housing project that promises maximal ROI (Return on Investment).

The Blue World City has been permitted to run by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) while completely authorized Blue World City NOC remains to go through approval.

Blue World City is working with our friend and neighbor China, and it has been the top real estate financing chance for investments for various reasons. Blue world City is the 1st & biggest Pak Friendly Culture in the neighborhood of Islamabad.

The Blue World City society suggests the expansion of a housing company which after the finalization of CPEC will deliver all the residential & industrial requirements of an approximated two million inhabitants. Blue World city location is an optimal location for investment and to live in. You can get all the Blue World City Islamabad latest news on their official website and you can also access Blue World City map on its website. Because of its amenities, Blue World City Lahore is also a good option for the residents of Lahore.

1. Wonderful Background of Blue Group of Companies

Blue World City is an astonishing real estate project of Blue Group of Companies. Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 in Lahore city, providing the latest architectural design & development solutions. With the large-scale work & services for more than 18 years, the reputed company has now become a standard name in the property market of Pakistan. With a reliable & extremely arranged professional setting, the creators have been able to initiate a stronghold in the development sector.

Blue Group of companies has enlarged its divisions into different businesses-comprising property development, Marketing, IT support, etc. Moreover, Blue group of companies also possesses various types of retail businesses & an ample amount of food stores & has more than 300 working professionals accumulatively to attain its goals and objectives. And Blue World City verification is something which a customer should have not worry about because of Blue Group of company’s good history.

2. Trusted Owners

As described above in the paragraph this outstanding real estate project is initiated by Blue Group of Companies, whose owner is Saad Nazir. His father was the commissioner of Lahore.Before this great housing society, he victoriously has provided top of the line residential & commercial ventures in Pakistan namely PIA housing Society, Central Park Lahore, Blue Sapphire, Blue mart, and Blue technologies…

3. First Chinese Development in Pakistan

Blue world City is the 1st residential project in Pakistan that is being expanded with the aid of trained engineers& experts from China.

Chinese are well skilled and geniuses increatingultra-modernhousing projects in the world, thus, it can only be presumed that the progress of this real estate society will be first-class & excellent.

4. Blue Mosque Istanbul

The replica of Blue Mosque Islamabad has recreated the Islamic & ethnic values from such a century, this wonderment inspired by the creators of Blue World City to construct amusement for the residents.

The replica of Blue Mosque, which attracts a significant amount of travelers& tourists is going to be a trademark. It will be the next focal point of the urban towns after the Faisal Masjid. The Blue Mosque is among the main attractions in Istanbul, Turkey, which definitely attracts the attention of people in Pakistan.

What are the investment opportunities in the Blue World City Islamabad
What are the investment opportunities in the Blue World City Islamabad


One of the other notablecharacteristics that makeIslamabad’s Blue World city a notablelocation to live in is the establishment of Pakistan’s largest water park. In the water park, there is a kid’s pool with the surfing option available. It will also provide water slides and ridesin conjunction with a volcanic waterfall. International rules and regulations are set up for the water park.

The water park will be an amazing thing for Blue World society. It was created in collaboration with the world famous Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology and Cooperation. Blue World Water Park also possesses a kid’s adventure playground & all the well-known food franchises for friends and family day trip. Andthere are alsofast food kings including McDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut etc.

6. CPEC Route

CPEC Route is located near to Blue World City project, which will play a major part in enhancing economic growth and development in the district as well as give an ample amount of business opportunities.

For those of you who do not know about the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), it is a co-partnership between Pakistan & China to intensify the business nad trade between Pakistan & China.

7. Great Security System

Security is among the most needed thing customers look for in a society, thus the administration of Blue World City has made the safety and security of their customers their first preference. Blue World City is a fenced society completely installed with an E-ticketing systemface recognitionCCTV cameras & security guards standing at all the main points of this society.

8. Blue World City Payment Plan

Fairly priced & easy installments: At comparatively economical & budget-friendly rates, Blue World City delivers real estate property. You will get possession of your property in no time with a very less amount of money.

The installment plan is very easy & inexpensive, unlike various other real estate projects. In Blue World City price of property is less as compared to other societies.

9. Amenities Available for Residents

This real estate project is designed with latest services including the top road links &exceptional security & amusing characteristics that differentiate this project from the others. Some of the main features are mentioned below:

  • Fenced Society
  • Fully Paved Roads
  • Non-stop availability of Electricity, Gas, and Water
  • Landline&  Wi-Fi facilities
  • Flawless Safety System
  • Areas with Greenery
  • HealthcareServices
  • Mosques in every sector
  • International Standard Educational Institutes
  • Malls available for shopping
  • Public Parks
  • Golf & football clubs
  • Movie Theatre
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Public transport
  • Ultra-Modern sewerage system
  • Drinking Water Plants
  • Safari Park
  • Zoo
  • Hair Saloons
  • Police stations


There are many options available to make an investment in real estate projects in Islamabad, but without any doubt, Blue World City is the best choice to go for. Because the amenities and the location it promises to its customer is nothing but wonder at such affordable prices. Blue World City Islamabad prices are very reasonable as compared to other schemes, which is a wonderful feature for any society.

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