Work On Water Supply System At Adiala Road Started

adiala road

At a cost of Rs400 million, the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has initiated putting water pipelines in various areas of Adiala Road, including Kehkashan Colony, Munawar Colony, Dhama Syedan, Sanjoli Street, Bank Colony, Hill View Lane, Sadiq Town, Jarahi, and Janjua Town, to provide pure drinking water 24/7.
The densely populated Adiala Road is devoid of water supply systems, and there is no underground water in the area. The tanker mafia, on the other hand, has been plundering the people and selling a tanker for Rs1600-Rs2000. The Wasa has already deployed the ‘Water Meter System’ in 24 villages in Rawalpindi Division, and it has been a huge success.
The Punjab government has allocated Rs300 million out of a total budget of Rs400 million to offer pure drinking water to Adiala Road residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Adiala Road was the most neglected zone, with hardly a single drop of water made available. WASA engineers have achieved the impossible by providing clean drinking water to the inhabitants of Adiala Road.
The relevant authority has finished the installation of four tube wells out of a total of nine tube wells in Gorakhpur, which would provide water to more than 30,000 households in various localities along Adiala Road.At Shahpur, WASA is attempting to build two underground tanks and two OHR tanks. The underground tanks will hold 500,000 gallons of drinking water per day, and the OHR tanks will be roughly 70 feet tall, according to the official.
According to Wasa Managing Director Raja Shaukat Mehmood, the company has purchased water pipelines for the areas along Adiala Road. Residents of Adiala Road will soon have access to clean drinking water. “We’ve established a ‘Water Meter System’ to reduce water wastage,” he stated. Consumers would pay little fees and acquire clean drinking water, he promised. He further stated that they have already properly implemented the ‘Water Meter System’ in 24 villages of the Rawalpindi division. “We’ll finish this project before the deadline,” he assured.

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