10 things while searching for residential plots or property

10 things while searching for residential plots or property

Sorting one’s priorities prior to buying a house is a must. While purchasing a residential plot can be complex, it can also be a time taking procedure. With the priorities relating to your residential plot and residential area sorted, the purchasing process becomes streamlined. Your property dealer, for that matter, would also like you to be certain about the features that you will be looking for in the residential plots.

This article seeks to discover various universal features that one should be looking for in a residential plot or a residential house; or both. It thereby helps serious buyers in their purchase, and it follows as:

1. Consider the location of the residential plot:

This one comes with a no surprise at all. Location, for all the obvious reasons, should be the first thing to look for while searching a residential plot. On account of this, go for the location which has a near and easy access to the places where the daily life activities, of general and your’s, occur the most: workplaces, schools, shopping malls, recreational places, one’s worship place, nearby residence of friends and family, etc.

Considering this before making a purchase of a piece of a land, proves quite handy in the long run. With a good location, you get yourself saved from the tiresomeness of covering larger distances, away from your neighbouring location, for accessing any of the before-mentioned daily life activities.

The surrounding neighborhood from the residential area also matters to some. While some prefer living close to the main roads and boulevards, some prefer to avoid living near it, but closer to the developed locations. A location near a recreational area, such as the park, is ideal to someone, while some on the contrary prefer to have a residence near cul-de-sacs (dead ends).

Therefore, it is important to sort out your preferences first, and to know if the preferred location comes at a rather price.

2- Emphasize the shape of your residential plot:

A very little thought is given when it comes to the size and shape of the plot; a house on which is built. In a neighbourhood, there are various plots encompassed of various different shapes. It is, however, solely at someone’s preference that of which shape they want their plot to be: a pie-shaped plot, a rectangular shaped plot , or some irregular shaped plot. 

The shape of the plot also depends on what kind of privacy one would like to have once the house is built. The privacy which determines the shape of the plot includes how the lawn will be used and the length of the driveway in the residential plot.

It is therefore very important in being aware, and also being able to determine, where one part of the plot ends and the other part begins. For that matter, one should check the description and dimensions of the plot, and if necessary, also consult it with the dealer and the seller.

Moreover, the size and the shape of the plot matters to a great extent as well, if there exists a second potential plot on one property. In such a scenario, the second potential plot can be made to use with various different possibilities. It can be used to build another building for more room accommodation. It can be built for commercial property purposes if permitted. It can also be built to a home for sale purposes, however, if permissible.

The size and primarily the shape therefore can make much significant differences to your property. Thus, opting for a plot, with desired and ideal shape, weighs equally important, as much as any other factor may does.

10 things while searching for residential plots or property
10 things while searching for residential plots or property

3. The number of bedrooms:

Every family has some idea of how many bedrooms they would require. While some require at the minimum two bedrooms, for some there is a need to have more than two bedrooms. While some prefer to have their children’s separate bedrooms, to some it is unnecessarily a necessity. While some like to have their childrens to own a separate study room, to some it is an ultimate luxury. Some people are more social than others; and therefore like to have a separate room for the guests as well, designated as the ‘guest room’.

In addition to all this, an extra bedroom may also be preferred as an office workspace, playroom, or might even as a gym. An extra bedroom therefore holds a significance of beyond than a ‘mere extra room’. One’s lifestyle, thereby, affects the requirements of an extra bedroom to a large extent. It is therefore only after significant considerations in light of one’s present and future lifestyle, the number of bedrooms should be desired and subsequently opted.

4. The Kitchen design in a residential plot:

If there is one place in the entire house, regardless of the size and the sphere, which is to be termed as the heart, is the ‘kitchen.’ The kitchen is where the heart of the house is. A house has its heart in its kitchen. Kitchen is where delicious foods are cooked to serve the family on the weekends and to the friends and families on the holidays. 

For a fact, nevertheless, its importance is much more than cooking only. It is the place where all the important talks are done. It is where the important family decisions are made and where the important family affairs begin. The kitchen in a nutshell is the nucleus of a family’s activity. Consequently, its size and design should be given equal importance; prior it is built. 

It is, therefore, after careful considerations, a decision should be made, on the kind of the layout one needs to have for their kitchen: whether a large gourmet kind of kitchen which has a lot of space for the sinks and storages or a regular-sized traditional kitchen would be sufficient.

A kitchen’s size and layout also varies from person to person. To one family, cooking might be a fun place, while to the other it might only be a duty. In case of the former, any shape and size of the kitchen will absolutely workout. With that being said, even if you care less about the kitchen’s overall appearance, or if a traditional old-school brief kitchen suffices, its layout still matters: a lot. That said, a kitchen can still and should be classy and can give a classy look, regardless of its preferred design and size.

A family which has one person doing cooking for two three people, an average yet modest kitchen works out. Parents with teaching classes on meal cooking to their children would definitely require a kitchen spread on a larger sphere. 

The kitchen layout and design therefore should be finalized after much consideration and brainstorming sessions with the family.

5. The number of bathrooms/washrooms:

Just as in the case of the number of bedrooms, deciding the number of bathrooms before time saves from much hassle. When a home is purchased with a limited number of bathrooms, or the number of bathrooms just do not add suffice the number for your family, adding additional bathrooms is always on the paper.

Adding more number of bathrooms nevertheless may also not be feasible with the architecture of the house. The number of bathrooms therefore in a residential plot should be taken into account, whether they will be sufficient for the number of the family members. That said, houses which are built on modern architects come with more number of bathrooms these days.

A bathroom’s size and its design are important as well. Some prefer having bathtubs installed in the bathrooms, while for some showers work well; to some both are necessary. For the bathroom tubs, jacuzzi tubs are a popular choice for relaxing. For the showers, shower stall is a popular choice.

A model bathroom with desired shape size and shape should therefore be considered before. The opinion of all the family should also be weighed in, for a better bathroom layout.

6. Condition of the house appliances:

Home appliances are not only expensive, but a tiresome task as well, when it comes to replacing them. Take your time to critically observe the age and condition of them all. 

Some prefer to have their meals cooked traditionally, that is, on a gas stove. To some, as opposed to a traditional stove, an electric cooking range might be a priority. Some people can take or leave a deal, based only at one such home appliance. If you give weight to the house appliances too, better let the seller and the dealer know.

A kitchen, for instance, has many utmost appliances. Look if such appliances, desired or necessary, exist. If they don’t, reconsider the deal. In case the property in question is almost flawless minus this, at the least a possibility of having such appliances should be possible. 

Also, it does not require knowledge of space science to guess for how long the appliances are being used. In addition to this, it is also very important to know which of the home appliances would stay in the house and which of them the seller would take with them. It also saves from future clashes and is a safe and sound practice too; to make sure which of the compliances are meant to stay and which are meant to be taken away.

7- Judge the age of the house:

Spoiler alert: This section is not meant for the people interested in making purchase of newly constructed homes or the residential plots only.

Someone with a limited price range is bound to look for older built houses as well, even if they were built some good decades ago. While older houses have their own architecture to appeal, they may also be in dire need of maintenance and repairs. As a result of which, a good amount of time and energy would be needed, therefore, such purchase should be made in light of it.

The construction rules and codes keep evolving. For that reason, having a familiarity with the current house construction blocks is important. An old home you might be interested in, may have been built on the rules and codes of that time, which may or may not be acceptable today.

Having someone as the Property Buy Rent by your side can be a great deal of help. As it is helping buyers and the sellers, these days, in determining and following the sops for covid-19 while searching the property. It can help you to know, whether or not, the house whose price range falls in your price range, and is of vintage style too, is under the contemporary housing codes and block or not. Depending on which, the very house can be re-structured or can be abandoned for the purchase. It can also help to determine how old the house’s structure is.

8- The purchase price:

A best and safer idea before buying a residential plot is to sort out and determine one’s price range. For that matter, having a loan pre-approved, if one intends to have one, is part of a safer plan for purchasing residential plots for sale.

There is always a huge investment relating to a purchase of some single-family home. There are some risks involved as well pertaining to it. So, be certain in how that will affect your finances in the future, and whether that effect will be endured or not.

9. The seller’s motivation:

Getting to know the seller’s motivation, or a reason behind the selling, helps largely in determining whether or not there will be room for a bargain. Now, one might think, and should rightly, why is there even a correlation between the two. Well, this section tends to answer this.

When one hunts for a house purchase, they learn that there exists two kinds of sellers: one who is in immediate need to make a sale, second who is in no hurry to have their house or property sold. In the case of the latter, the seller places an ‘on sale’ banner on the house, however, is not really bothered from the delay in its selling, and continues to stay in the house as long as it may take or require. This kind of seller, since it is not in the immediate need of selling, is hard to negotiate with. 

On the contrary, someone who is in immediate need of selling their house, might want to do so because of one of such reasons: a job relocation, change of a city, a need to pay for two mortgage loans for two different properties at the same time and subsequently selling one of the two properties for lessening the mortgage burden. Bargaining with such sellers is easier, since they are in immediate need to sell their property for one of the before-mentioned reasons.

10- The maintenance mode:

There are many such potential areas that could be deemed for maintenance, in an otherwise newly constructed home. Naturally, while exploring a house, a list of all the potential-maintenance items is being made. A list of all such items for that matter should be compiled before getting one’s hand on the residential house.

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