18th–Nov – International Day of Islamic Art


On 18th November every year, the International Day of Islamic Art takes place. Islamic art has inspired other artistic movements, which is why the International Day of Islamic Art is celebrated throughout the world. Besides celebrating cultural diversity, this celebration promotes freedom of expression, cultural heritage preservation, and intercultural understanding. The day also promotes tolerance between people and rapprochement between cultures. Art can promote both.

International Day of Islamic Art, we celebrate one of the most beautiful forms of art in the world. Islamic art includes visual arts produced by both Muslims and non-Islamic people since the 7th century. These people lived in areas that were culturally inhabited or controlled by Muslims. It is a very difficult art to define, as it spans about 1400 years. This art spans many countries and people. Nor is it a particular religion, time, place, or medium. Instead, Islamic art covers a variety of artistic disciplines such as architecture, calligraphy, painting, glass, pottery, and textiles. One of the predominant elements in Islamic art is the repetition of stylized, geometrical floral or vegetal designs known as the arabesque.

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