6 Popular Winter Foods You Must Try in Lahore


Food and seasons have a great connection. Lahore inhabitants are known for their keen appetites and love for a wide variety of cuisines and drinks. Winter foods in Lahore, like any other seasonal cuisine, have their own charm and authentic taste. While you are dressed up in cute fluffy sweaters, trendy jackets, you can also enjoy the cold weather of Lahore by eating good warm meals. Luckily, Lahoris enjoy their winters like no other when it comes to scrumptious cuisines and delights. One thing is for sure: flavor and weather are intimately linked. Food tastes better in the winters than in any other season.

As you know, winter’s season has just arrived and no one wants to miss the chance to eat good comfort food in this chilly and crisp weather. We have shortlisted oh-so-amazing foods of Winter, that should be on your bucket list.

Lahori Fried Fish


Fish is regarded as authentic winter food. People in Lahore adore fried fish, however, there are a few grill fish eateries that are also full of crowds in the winter. Deep-fried and crispy fish fingers are sold in every corner of Lahore. The Lahori fried fish is an absolute must-try winter dish. In a nutshell review, the outside of fried fish is crispy, crackling, and delicate, while the inside is succulent, tasty, soft, and highly flavorful. Fried fish is the most irresistible dish in every winter gathering.

Here are some famous fish spots in Lahore.

  • Siddiq Fish Corner
  • Haji Sardar Fish
  • Bashir Darul Mahi
  • Sardar Fish



While writing about soup, I have already started craving it. Soup is one of Lahore’s most popular winter appetizers. In the misty evenings of Lahore, the flavor and texture of mouthwatering soup bring you divine joy. Soup sales ascend across the country is not only at local eateries and roadside stalls but also in fancy cafes as the temperatures become lower.

Here are some places to have mouthwatering soup in Lahore:

  • Xiwang
  • Opium
  • The Wok Sichuan
  • Yum Chinese & Thai



Nihari is, without a doubt, one of Lahore’s ideal breakfast and dinner entrees. Lahore residents go out in the morning during the winter months to eat this delectable meal. Mutton, beef, and chicken are used to make it. Other forms of Nihari, such as Nali Nihari, are also in high demand.

These are some famous Nihari Places in Lahore:

  • Waris Nihari
  • Muhammadi Nihari House
  • Haji Sahib Nihari Walay

Halwa puri


Halwa puri is one of the best food choices of all. This is the food combination which is loved by the person in every season. Most Lahoris love to eat halwa puri for breakfast. As we see around that love for the halwa puri in the community of Pakistan is constant in summer and winters. The crowd will definitely increase in the winter.

Halwa puri is the combination of puri, halwa, and channay. Achar is also given among this to change the taste. Mostly this combination is present in every corner of Lahore. There are a few places that are famous for the Halwa Puri are:

  • Taj Mahal sweets
  • Chand Sahab sweets
  • Capri restaurant
  • Butt sweets
  • Sadiq Halwa puri

Kashmiri chai

Most people do not like the Kashmiri chai in winter. Maybe he or she has never developed the taste of it or never taste the best one. In winters it is a must-have item that we drink Kashmiri chai after dinner and it becomes compulsory. Kashmiri chai is the best beverage for the wedding also. This chaye is loaded with almonds and pistachios. There are a few spots from which Kashmiri chai can be taken with better taste:

  • Lakshmi chowk tea stall
  • Gawal mandi
  • Jaidi paan shop DHA
  • Old Anarkali
  • Canal park

Gajar ka halwa


Gajar ka Halwa is one of the delicious dishes in winter that our mothers should definitely prepare at home. You can easily buy this sweet in the market, but the taste you will get at home is second to none. It is a pure winter dish made in every home and served to the whole family.

A family party sitting in your living room with a shawl and eating Gajar Ka Halwa is a different feeling. Gajar Ka Halwa is a very tasty and healthy dessert. It is also served at weddings or winter gatherings and people eat it until it runs out. There are a few best spots in Lahore which offer Gajar ka halwa with great taste:

  • Butt sweets Lakshmi
  • Gourmet Bakery
  • Chashni Sweets
  • Bundu Khan


So what are you thinking? Plan your upcoming cold weekends with your friends and families. Must try all these delicious winter dishes to satisfy your taste buds and winter cravings. You will definitely fall in love with the chilly evenings of Lahore and its irresistible cuisines.

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