8 Home Improvement Tips to Get Your House Ready for Winter

Home improvement tips

Many of us think about home improvement tips during the summer, but the truth is that there are plenty of things you can do during the winter to prepare your house for cold weather. By getting your home in order now, you’ll be able to enjoy it all winter without dealing with any surprises. And without spending any money on major fixes when spring rolls around again.

Here are eight home improvement tips to get your house ready for winter.

1) Insulate Your House

By adding insulation in walls, you can help keep your house warm over winter. It’s also a good idea to weather-strip doors and windows. This will prevent cold air from seeping into your home through cracks around doors and windows. If you live in an older home, it might be worth investing in newer double or triple glazing that reduces heat loss by keeping out unwanted drafts.

You could even consider installing a wood-burning stove to heat smaller rooms. They work particularly well when placed near an open window so they don’t dry out too much! As with all home improvement tasks, check with local building regulations before making any changes to make sure you’re not breaking any laws.

2) Check Your Heaters

This may seem obvious, but make sure your heaters are functioning properly before winter hits. A broken heater during a storm means you’re left with a cold house. It is the last thing you want when it’s freezing outside! If your heaters need some work, consider contacting a professional for repairs or replacements.

3) Insulate Water Pipes

Insulation is a vital part of preventing frozen water pipes. Your home may be subjected to sub-zero temperatures. Therefore if you live in an area where freezing can occur, consider insulating your pipes. If you’re in a cold-weather region and have older plumbing, it’s especially important to keep them covered with an insulating sheath. You should also check your house’s outdoor faucets. If they’re leaking or dripping, they could freeze.

4) Seal Your Windows

Air leaks are responsible for 15% of heating and cooling costs in most homes. In cold weather, these invisible drafts can cost you thousands of rupees per year on utilities. Therefore it’s worth taking some time to seal any openings that allow airflow through walls, ceilings and floors.

This includes sealing up cracks around windows with caulk or insulation foam as well as checking all your doors and replacing any weather stripping that is no longer functional. You may even consider installing new energy-efficient windows if you have old ones that don’t insulate properly.

5) Paint Interior Rooms

Painting your home’s interior in the winter can awaken its interior, and this type of work can be done when the weather is warm. You won’t have to worry about extreme temperatures preventing your painting crew from working. Most professional painters avoid scheduling schedule disruptions during the winter months.

Consider hiring a painter who offers colour consultations if you’re unsure which colours to choose. You can get direction and confidence when choosing the right colour and finish for a particular room when you work with a professional.

6) Ensure A Dust-Free Home

Your home must be dust-free before you hit those first chilly temps. Clean all surfaces and wipe down baseboards and window sills. Moreover, clean vacuum rugs and carpets, take down blinds and wash or replace curtains. Whatever it takes to make sure your house won’t be coated in a blanket of dust come wintertime. Wash windows inside and out, clean door thresholds, etc.

7) Ventilate Basements And Garages

Basements and garages can get extremely cold during the winter, which can lead to ice buildup. By installing a ventilating fan, you’ll be able to keep these areas at an even temperature. This will also prevent moisture from accumulating in your basement or garage, leading to mold growth. If you live in a particularly humid area, consider investing in a dehumidifier as well. Both of these measures will help extend the life of any wood that is exposed to excessive moisture.

8) Perform Regular Maintenance On All Appliances, Including Furnaces, Water Heaters, Refrigerators And Dehumidifiers.

Basic repairs and preventative maintenance are a good idea in any season. However, they’re especially important during wintertime. Dehumidifiers and water heaters all work harder when it’s cold outside, which means they need regular servicing. Therefore, consider inspecting all appliances before the winter comes in.


If you’re looking to save money on your heating bill, there are a few simple steps you can take around your house to make it more energy efficient and cosy. Now is a great time of year to do these improvements, so start working on them now! You won’t regret it when winter rolls around. Therefore, take all the tips into your account and implement them from now.

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