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Model Town Lahore covers an area of 14292 Kanal and has more than 50 business buildings in its immediate surroundings. This area is subdivided into blocks (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K). The Lahore Development Authority administers Blocks L, M, N, P, Q, R, and S, which are located on the periphery of Model Town. When These blocks were given the title “Model Town Extension” after Model Town Society leased the land to LDA in exchange for development work.

Model Town Society is a distinctive housing area in terms of design and is regarded as a premium community. In comparison to other housing schemes, each block has its market, playground, and mosques.  Retired judges, wealthy businessmen, tradesmen, and upmarket store owners were among the Model Town residents who owned their spacious homes. BPL Bedi, a well-known community leader who studied at British and German colleges, lived here. Sir Ganga Ram was a key figure in the planning that went into the civil design of Model Town.

Design of Model Town

Model Town is planned out in the shape of a square, with major roadways running vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to divide it into blocks. In the center of the square is a circular park. Aside from the evident symmetry of design, there are green parks and areas. Parks cover over a quarter of the total area of the model town. Plant nurseries and playgrounds are given another 4% of the land. The model town has a total road infrastructure length of 64 kilometers. Each water supply pipeline and sewerage line is 60 kilometers long.

Amenities and Facilities

Lahore’s Model Town has unmatched attributes. There are so many shopping malls, parks, mosques, restaurants where you can easily spend your time. If you enjoy shopping, Link Road is linked to Pace, Metro, the outlets of well-known garment brands, Amanah Mall, and a variety of other retailers. There are also street food stalls, restaurants, and coffee shops for foodies. Gloria Jean’s Coffees and McDonald’s are two of society’s cornerstones. A Metro Bus Station is also located at the Model Town entry. All of these conveniences contribute to a comfortable lifestyle. The Bhaiya Kabab Shop, Goga Naqeebia Murgh Chaney, Goshi restaurant, Sholay restaurant, Arabic Shawarma, and a few other cafes and premium bakeries like Kitchen Cuisine are among the other local eateries.


Model Town Lahore is a very desirable housing society to live in because of its location. On one side, it connects New Garden Town Lahore, and on the other, it connects Faisal Town Lahore. You can also have access to Township and the adjacent regions via the Link Road Model Town Lahore. You may also access Jinnah Hospital and Canal Road from this side.

Model Town Park 

Model town park

Model Town Park, with its 125 acres, is one of Lahore’s biggest public parks. Model Town Park attracts visitors from all around the area since it has a 2.5-kilometer circular jogging track, beautiful green grass, and offers a social gathering site. The Model Town Park previously known as Nawaz Sharif Park is a family park with a golf course in Model town. The Forest Minister named it the greatest park in Lahore in 2007. This park attracts over 5000 visitors every day.


The Bank Square Market and Central Commercial Market are located in the heart of Model Town. Furthermore, each block has its mini-market with supermarkets and bakeries. In 2006, the new Managing Committee, led by Col Tahir Kardar, acquired vacant land to Makro, a multinational cash-and-carry retailer.  A-Block Market is the go-to spot for auto repairs as well as hardware, electrical items, plumbing, paints, etc

Health Care Facilities

There are so many hospitals in Model Town as well like Model Town Trust Hospital, Khairun-Nisa hospital, REX Clinic, Iteffaq Hospital, Shervon London Hospital.


Model Town community protected its residents’ safety by erecting barriers at all exits except the four main entrances. As a result of this activity, the crime rate has been reduced. Model Town Society now issues stickers for its members’ cars. Schools and Colleges

  • Quaid-e-Azam Law College
  • DPS
  • The city school
  • Lahore Grammar School
  • Model Town Library

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities in the area are:

  • Nawab Mansoor Academy
  • Model Town Club
  • Amir Mehmood’s club
  • International Cricket Academy
  • Model Town Football Academy

House sizes

Model Town Lahore is a premium society; hence house sizes are in the tens of Marla’s, 2 Kanal, and 4 Kanal. Model Town Lahore also has a few plots for sale. For more information, visit our website.

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