Capital Development Authority – Working Procedures and SOPs by CDA

Capital Development Authority: Working Procedures and SOPs by CDA

CDA Islamabad, commonly known as the CDA, has its own working procedures. These procedures are made obliged to be followed by the citizens living in the capital city.

Following, Property Buy-Rent has compiled a list of working procedures and SOPs of the Capital Development Authority. This list however is not complete and is only composed of the most significant SOPs, as underlined by the Capital Development Authority Islamabad.

It is also pertinent to mention that the CDA Islamabad holds the rights to modify or replace any existing law with a new or modified one. If a respective procedure is not not defined by the CDA, it may be asked at:

signboard-reg CDA Islamabad by Property Buy Rent

Procedures by CDA Islamabad for Business Community

The procedures underlined for the business community are sub-divided into the following categories:

The procedure required for Change of Trade:

– Application addressed to D.G/Director Municipal Administration, CDA Islamabad.

– NIC Copy of allottee (s) 4 nos.

– Copy of allotment letter.

Permission to Display Sign Board/PanaFlex/Neon Sign:

– Application to Director M.A, CDA.

– Download Related Application Form from signboard-reg CDA Islamabad by Property Buy Rent

– Affidavit

– Copy of NIC of the applicant

– Copy of lease/rent agreement/ownership proof

Property Tax Exemption Declaration Form:

-Exemption Declaration Form.

-Download Related Exemption Form from


-Copy of NIC of the applicant

-Copy of lease/rent agreement/ownership proof

Capital Development Authority:  Working Procedures and SOPs by CDA
Capital Development Authority: Working Procedures and SOPs by CDA


Procedure for CDA approved housing societies

The procedures underlined for the residents of Islamabad are sub-divided into the following categories:

Requirements for approval of Building Plans:

-Photocopy of form A1, A2 (with one photocopy) and 6 copies of building plans (Architectural & Structural)

-Estate Management forwarding letter indicating receipt of appropriate Scrutiny Fee @ Rs.3/- per sq.ft

-For Commercial Rs.10/- per sq. ft.

-Copy of N.I.Card of Allottee or Transferee or Attorney as the case may be duly attested.

-Copy of Allotment letter or Transfer Letter duly attested.

-Copy of Possession Certificate. Copy of sub-division of plot, if applicable duly attested.

-Indemnity Bound from the Allottee duly attested from Notary Public on Rs.30/-

-Soundness and stability certificate by the Engineer.

-Calculation Book.

Documents required for transfer of plot to the legal heirs of the dead Allottee:

-Attested copy of Death Certificate issued by CDA or local body.

-Affidavit regarding the factum of death and deposing the detail of the legal heirs and parents of the deceased whether they are alive or died and in case died whether pre-deceased or otherwise duly attested by Notary Public and countersigned by Class-I Magistrate.

-Attested copies of N.I.C of all the legal heirs.

-Form “B” in case of Minors.

-Pay Order of amounts Rs.5000/- for Residential purposes and 10,000/-  for Commercial purposes.

-Original allotment/transfer letter of the subject plot/house.

-Original Release Deed in case some of the legal heirs want to release/surrender their share in favor of one or more legal heirs, duly registered in the Court.

-Photocopy of NIC of Witness

-NOC from the Revenue Directorate, CDA regarding Property Tax.

-NOC from Building Control Section (BCS), CDA regarding confirming use of the house/property and non violation of Building & Zoning Regulation.

-Copies of Public Notice, as provided by the CDA in the two daily leading national Newspapers.

-Clearance of dues.

-Advertisement in two leading newspapers.

-Indemnity Bond from legal heirs.

Procedure for change of name (Married women and others)

For an allottee to change his/her name:

-Attested copy of allotment/transfer letter.

-Attested copy of present and previous NIC.

-Attested copy of Nikah Nama (in case of married lady)

-An affidavit as per specimen

-Press Clipping of Notice published in newspaper

-Attested copy of matriculation certificate

-Attested copy of passport if available.

-Any other documents supporting for change of name

-Download Related Form from Death Registration Form for CDA

Procedure for Sub-Division of Plot:

-Attested copy of allotment letter. Original shall be submitted after approval from subdivision.

-Four copies of subdivision Plan/sketch duly signed by all the allottee and Architect

-NOC from Revenue Directorate, CDA

-Pay Order in favour of CDA @ Rs.75/- per sq.yd

-Download Related Form from:

CDA Islamabad
CDA Islamabad

Procedure for availing the facilities at Capital Hospital:

For availing the facilities at CDA Islamabad’s Capital Hospital, one needs to be a CDA employee. It includes the following steps:

-Proof of medical card/ computerized card by employees and their dependents to be entitled for receiving medical facilities.

-Getting an outdoor ticket at Rs 10 only for receiving outdoor consultations.

-CDA Islamabad non-employes will be required to pay for outdoor and indoor services.

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