CDA Promoted Over 100 Officers From BPS-16 To BPS-18

Islamabad: As part of Monday’s reshuffle of over 100 officers, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) rearranged various cadres from BPS-16 to BPS-18.

A total of 109 officers, including 17 officers from BPS-18, 15 account officials and two deputy directors, were transferred under the instructions of the Chairman Captain Muhammad Usman through three separate notifications issued by the Human Resource Directorate.

Among the attendees were members of CDA’s Engineering and Estate committees as well as other senior officers. On Monday, the CDA chairman presided over a meeting to review the development of sectors in the federal capital.

As a reciprocal transfer, both officers have been appointed as Deputy Director Accounts and Deputy Director Accounts-II.

On Monday, 48 officers of BPS-17 and 44 officers of BPS-16 were transferred as part of a major reshuffle in the Finance, Accounts, and Accounts cadres. As pointed out by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), various CDA officers have also been holding the same post for over three years.

In his brief response, the CDA chairman said he has transferred officers who have served three years on the same post. According to CDA sources, more transfers of officers with three or more years on the same post are expected in the coming days.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman (r) Muhammad Usman directed the concerned officials on Monday to remove all hurdles for handing over possession of residential plots in Sector I-15 and other developed areas.

According to CDA chairman, the authority is ready to deliver around 5,000 plots in Sector I-15, while development work is ongoing on the remaining area of Sector I-15. Additionally, he was informed that Phase II of Park Enclave was also nearing completion.

Additionally, Captain (r) Usman established two separate committees to monitor development in the sector and pursue weekly court cases regarding plots and land. As a result of resolving outstanding land issues, owners will be able to construct their homes.

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