Chief Minister Imposes Environment Emergency in Punjab



LAHORE: The chief minister of Punjab Ch Pervez Elahi has imposed an environmental emergency across the province in order to prevent the effects of smog.

It is estimated that Punjab needs at least 29.33 percent more forests in order to maintain its natural environment. A desert state like Rajasthan (4.36 percent) has more forests than Punjab (3.97 percent), which has less forest cover. There has been a high level of pollution in Punjab’s environment which has contaminated the air, water, and land.

In a meeting to prevent pollution, the CM announced enhanced penalties would be imposed on institutions causing environmental pollution as well as farmers who burn crops.

As part of the project, the farmers will receive modern harvesters named “Hepper Seed” in order to dispose of crop residues. It is planned to run electric buses in big cities with World Bank support, according to the chief minister. Low-interest loans worth Rs1 billion are being given to industries to adopt clean technology.

In order to comply with the CM’s order, all brick kilns will be converted to zigzag technology. During the next three months, the environment, agriculture, industry, and transportation departments should conduct a continuous anti-smog campaign.

In his order, the CM ordered all Deputy Commissioners to take vigorous actions to eradicate the practice of crop burning, adding that regular monitoring should be continued and that a fine of Rs2 lakh should be imposed for crop burning.

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