Detailed Information about Property Tax in Pakistan

Detailed Information about Property Tax in Pakistan

Property Buy Rent gives you detailed information about Property Tax in Pakistan. Get an online property tax challan to pay your Property tax Punjab. Tax is something which makes a country going and running. The amount of tax is used for the benefit of the citizens of a country. So, the question is, are you giving your taxes? If you really want the economy of your country to prosper and get stabilize, you have to start giving your taxes on time. You can get an online property tax challan and pay tax.

Being accountable citizens, we have to pay our taxes on time. The taxes given by the citizens of the country make certain our economic steadiness. Many people conceal their properties so they do not have to pay tax, which is not good and morally wrong. The property is assets of a nation & while you acquire it, you need to pay the taxes lawfully e.g. paying property tax Punjab. The tax in return is used for the betterment of the country. Property Buy Rent will give an overview about what is a property tax, why it is important, property tax in Punjab, and different kinds of taxes on property in Pakistan.


Property tax in Pakistan is a provincial tax imposed on yearly rental worth of the property, built on Acts of Urban Immovable Property Taxof corresponding provinces. Tax rates varies from province to province. It might be a flat rate, or perhaps a percentage of the yearly rental worth. Rental worth does not particularly mean, that the property has to be leased out. It plainly gives an evaluated value by the government of Pakistan that how much rental would be produced, had the building been let out. For every province, tax rate varies depending on either the property is leased out or self-owned. Like property tax Punjab would be different as compared to Sindh.

According to Excise, Property Tax Punjab, and Narcotics Department Punjab, there is a 5 percent yearly rental worth that is imposed as tax. Yearly rental worth is decided by evaluating properties based on their kind – residential or business, location, and either it is rented or self-owned. According to the Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Department Sindh, it does not mean anything whether the property is leased out or not. The tax is imposed at a rate of 25 percent of the yearly rental worth of the property. Online property tax challan will help you understand how much tax you have to pay according to your situation.


Whenever it comes down to taxes on selling of property in Pakistan, there is a Capital Gains Tax, which should be paid on the earning of profit. Let’s take a look at tax on sale of property in Pakistan

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Let’s take a look, what is Capital Gains Tax on property in Pakistan 2021? Capital gains tax is a federal tax which has to be given by the seller. When a seller of a property earns profit on selling property, it is the net profit which will be taxed. You can pay this by downloading online property tax challan. As stated by the Finance Act 2017, Capital gains tax is imposed only when the property is sold within 3 years of its purchase. The tax rate is 10 percent for the 1st year, 7.5 percent if sold during second year & 5 percent if sold during the 3rd year. These gains are to be evaluated according to the fair market worth, established on FBR’s evaluation table. Any property held on for more than 3 years, will not make the seller accountable for payment of Capital gains tax.


When a person chooses to purchase property in Pakistan, they really want to know every single thing: do they have sufficient money? Do they have to request for a house loan? How can they get an online property tax challan?Are there any specific footsteps to look for and follow when requesting for a house loan? Should they have to purchase property in Karachi? Or they have to make an investment in lands in Lahore? How much tax is imposed on property buying? How much property tax Punjab is? They like to see all their choices before making this huge conclusion. Now we talk over property buying tax in Pakistan in sizeable detail.

Capital Value Tax (CVT) and Stamp Duty

People who are looking to purchase property, bear in mind that they have to give different taxes before becoming possessors of the property. And one important and easy thing is that, they can get online property tax challan for tax payment. Capital Value Tax (CVT) is a regional tax & is financed by the purchaser at the time of purchasing property. As the name proposes, it is owed on the capital worth of an attained asset. The Capital Value Tax is imposed at the rate of 2 percent of the documented worth according to Finance Act, 2006.

Detailed Information about Property Tax in Pakistan

Property that is shifted as a present, an exchange or renouncing the entitlement on a property all undergo Capital Value Tax. Although, shifting of property between parents, wife or husband or any of your genetic relationship either as a present or via legacy have been excluded. On occasions where it is a present or exchange, or where property worth is not given in the transaction, the worth of the property is evaluated according to the values measured via the evaluation tables.

Currently the total of Capital value tax & Stamp Duty for metropolitanproperty still stands at complete 5% (2 percent Capital value tax & 3 percent Stamp Duty).

Stamp Duty is primarily a tax given on the legal paper at the time of buying property. It comes under the Stamp Act 1899, Stamp Duty is imposed at 3 percent of the DC prices of the property.

Withholding Tax (WHT) to be paid by both purchaser & seller

Moreover to Capital value tax & Stamp Duty, Withholding Tax (WHT) is of maximal significance. It is a federal tax given by the both purchaser & seller on a property agreement. Some things should be taken into consideration:

  • House purchasers have to pay 2 percent if they file their income tax returns & 4 percent if they do not document tax returns. Online property tax challan is a good option for payment.
  • People who are purchasing property have to give the withholding tax, in the specific case only, if the property is worth more than 4 million rupees.
  • The seller has to pay 1 percent if they are tax filers, or 2 percent if they are non-filers
  • W.H.T is to be given at the time of the property agreement when you are going to write down the sales deed.
  • Withholding tax is also well known as an ‘advance tax’, which shows it works as an advance on other taxes &, hence can be used in house buyer’s tax liabilities & also against the C.G.T of the seller.

These are some usual property taxes in Pakistan and property tax in Punjab. With the use of property tax calculator Pakistan, you can also measure property taxes for 2021 for Sindh & property tax Punjab from the formal internet sites of both Excise Taxation & Narcotics Department, Sindh government &Punjab government, sequentially.

How You Can Pay Your Taxes:

There are three simple methods you can pay property taxes in Pakistan encompassing:

1.   Tax Collection Department:

Each province in Pakistan has its own particular tax collection division. You can simply give your taxes by communicating with the tax division of your province &pay your taxes following the course of action guided by them.

2.   Tax Collection through Banks

One of the other simple ways to give your tax in Pakistan is through banks. You can do that by getting an online challan for property tax & giving your tax sum.

3.   Online Banking System

To make tax payable amount even easier, you can online pay your tax amount via the online banking systems from the consolation of your own houses.

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