Inauguration of Pakistan’s First Ginger Harvest

Dr. Senator, Special Adviser for Poverty Reduction and Social Protection of the Prime Minister. Sania Nishtar began growing its first ginger on Sunday during a ginger harvesting workshop in the Balkasar region of Chakwal, Punjab. The first experimental ginger harvest was in Pakistan and the crop was cultivated in 11 months. Ginger is in great demand as an integral part of Pakistani cuisine,  but unfortunately, it is not cultivated here and all the harvest is imported to meet domestic needs. Experts taught participants how to properly harvest ginger and produce a sustainable ginger crop at the event.

On this occasion, Dr. Sania said that Ginger is an important crop in the agricultural community and can be an important factor. Agriculture is closely linked to poverty reduction in Pakistan. Government, private sector, research institutes, innovators, farmers Can work together to create synergies and develop agricultural value chains, which will have significant implications for poverty reduction, livelihood creation, economic growth, and the promotion of foreign trade.

Chairman and Ph.D. of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). Also attended were Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Faisalabad Muhammad Najeebullah, Director of the Vegetable Research Institute, and other experts. Participants received information on the successful cultivation and harvesting of ginger in the country. Experts provided research-based information on the agricultural benefits of local ginger cultivation. After exchanging knowledge, all participants went to the scene for the inauguration and demonstration. The PARC chair informed the doctor and Sania about the success of the ginger cultivation project and the potential to boost Pakistan’s agricultural sector. This type of ginger has been successfully cultivated and field-tested and can produce up to about 8-10 tonnes per acre in the region.


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