Lahore Bund Road Project Is Predicted to Experience Delays

Lahore Bund Road Project Is Predicted to Experience Delays

This project has encountered significant hurdles, including administrative delays and payment issues to contractors, as reported on June 3. This development poses serious challenges to the timely completion of a project critical to improving Lahore’s infrastructure.

According to news details, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) still needs to green-light the updated cost estimate, which includes acquiring land for service roads. Government funds designated for the project remain stuck at the Accountant General of Punjab’s office, causing further delays. The project, launched in the third quarter of 2022, aims to enhance Bund Road’s deteriorating condition, alleviate traffic congestion, and mitigate pollution in one of Lahore’s busiest areas.

Initially estimated at Rs. 11.3 billion, the project’s cost increased to Rs. 15 billion due to the additional requirements for land acquisition. This revision reflects the complexities and scale of the project, which is designed to provide long-term solutions to traffic and environmental issues. Although the revised estimate has received government support, it awaits final clearance from LDA’s top management. The delay in this approval process has been a significant bottleneck in advancing the project.

Despite ongoing efforts to resolve these issues, progress has been slow due to the insufficient release of funds. The lack of timely financial support has hampered the contractors’ ability to proceed with the necessary construction activities. The administrative delays, coupled with payment issues, have exacerbated the situation, creating uncertainty around the project’s timeline and completion.

The Bund Road project is crucial for Lahore, as it is expected to significantly enhance the road infrastructure, facilitating smoother traffic flow and reducing pollution levels. This road serves as a vital artery for daily commuters and transport vehicles, and its improvement is essential for the city’s overall traffic management and environmental health. The delays, however, risk prolonging the current challenges faced by residents and commuters.

The situation highlights the need for improved coordination between various governmental departments and timely resolution of administrative and financial issues. Ensuring the release of funds and prompt approval of the revised cost estimates are critical steps toward accelerating the project’s progress. The LDA and other relevant authorities must prioritize these actions to prevent further delays and ensure the project’s successful completion.

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